Lubriserv's New Range of Metalworking Fluid Recycling Equipment Provides Major Savings and Huge Environmental Benefits for Manufacturers

Lubriserv can advise, specify and install the most efficient system tailored to suit one's manufacturing process. Using the correct filtration and separation techniques on metalworking coolants or wash fluids can provide significant benefits to engineering companies.

Gloucester, United Kingdom, September 10, 2010 --( In order to save money and gain a quick return on an investment of equipment Lubriserv ensure that the optimum equipment is selected with consideration to a companies total manufacturing process.

Firstly they have to consider:

The Impact of Coolant and Process Fluids

In the metal working industry the use and costs of coolant needs special attention. It has been said that the purchase of coolants normally only represents 1% of the company purchases but it affects more than 80% of the manufacturing costs.

The direct impact is on:
- The operator
- The machine
- The work piece
- The pumps and tools
- The inside and outside environment

The Total Cost of Coolants

In order to establish a correct fluid cleaning system, one needs to know their total costs for coolant. It is not only the purchase price and quantity of coolants which is important but a number of other contributory factors:

- Purchase cost of coolant - price and quantity
- Handling cost of coolant - storing, filling and topping up, measurement and controls
- Machine downtime - problems with coolant and coolant maintenance
- Quality cost - rejects, surface and dimension
- Wear of - machine, pumps and tools
- Disposal cost of coolant - handling and disposal charges

An efficient fluid cleaning system
- Reduces costs for coolant
- Reduces the wear on tools and pumps
- Reduces labour costs
- Reduces maintenance costs
- Improves parts quality
- Improves working conditions
- Improves environment

Analysing Requirement
There is no single universal solution. Selection of system and products will be individual and based on specific conditions.

Filtration - Removing Solids
Filters remove the fine particles from the liquid

Lubriserv have vast experience and in depth knowledge of filtration and can offer the optimum equipment solution for a given manufacturing process.

The products have been designed for use either stand alone with individual machine tools, in multiples for groups of machines or in large central systems.

Separation of Tramp Oil and Water

Tramp oil is the accumulation of oils (in the coolant or wash water), that leak from the machine or the washed off of components.

Lubriserv’s range of separators can effectively remove tramp oils and thus achieve long life of coolant or wash chemicals and prevent the harmful effects of these oils.

Lubriserv offer a full range of separation equipment, both stationary and mobile units.

Recycling - Extending the Life of Fluids

The principle of a coolant recycling system is to serve a number of machine tools for the removal of tramp oil and solids from the coolant or wash water. This can be done automatically by linking the machines via a pipe work system to the recycling unit. Lubriserv’s systems can be designed from minimal flow to thousands of litres per minute.

Ultrafiltration - Reduces Disposal Costs

Lubriserv offers two types of machines to either:
- Recycle wash waters or coolants (at the machine or centrally)
- Minimising the waste volume by up to 90% by extracting the water phase for disposal to drain

Either the ultrafiltration or the evaporator process are used depending on application.

Concept and Approach

Coolant and process water problem can be addressed by basically three kinds of concepts:

1. Stand alone One product One machine Full flow
2. Central system One system Several machines Full flow
3. Dialysis system One system Several machines Partial flow

The selection will depend upon:
- Size of operation and number of machines
- Type of liquid and number of liquids in use
- Costs and budget constraints

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