ProSoftXP Unveils New Look and New Means of Testing Software

ProSoftXP rebrands the overall look and feel of their solution and now provides a hands-on approach to previewing the software.

Windsor, Canada, September 10, 2010 --( It’s all part of the commitment ProSoftXP has in introducing itself to industry segments clamoring for a solution that is easily adaptable to their changing corporate conditions. Along with the change in branding, ProSoftXP also changed the way it allowed customers to test the software.

Rob Courteaux, President of ProSoftXP says “It is important for Feed Manufacturers and Commodity Management firms to know we are here for them. We have the experience in their industry and the software to better position these companies to compete in their own marketplace.” Rob went on to say “we blanket complex processes with an easy to use solution, and support it with people that want to help.”

The reason for the rebranding and the online posturing in the marketplace became evident when industry stakeholders like Jim Riordan of Riordan said “I wished I had known your solution was available, and had put this system in a long time ago.” Statements like this encouraged ProSoftXP to forge ahead and build a more dynamic online presence, and develop a means to truly “test drive” the solution.

If you are looking for a software solution for your Feed Manufacturing or Commodity Management firm, visit They are a small company with a robust solution – with the ability to modify the solution to maximize your business practices.

ProSoftXP is a leading provider of innovative agribusiness software. ProSoftXP has been dedicated to Feed Manufacturing and Commodity Management firms for 30 years. We have clients in five countries, and our product is sold and supported through Progressive Software International Inc. in North America, and Agribusiness Systems in Australia.


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