Sterling Alternative Energy’s Wind Farm Gets Government Backing

Houston, TX, September 09, 2003 --( The Government has given Sterling Alternative Energy (AE) the go-ahead to build an offshore wind farm in the UK. Work will start on the 30 turbine Offshore Wind Farm in 2005. Project Manager Victor Fleming said: "This is great news and means we can drive forward our vision of providing clean, renewable energy in the UK."

The project will be more than six kilometers from the coast after an extensive public consultation exercise. "We have worked very hard to ensure the project will have as little visual impact as possible," said Victor.

The consents were granted following the Government's consideration of Sterling AE’s Environmental Statement, a comprehensive document which outlined the proposal and included research and environmental impact assessments into areas such as the effects on marine and bird life and the visual impact of the development.

"All the research was carried out by independent experts and we consulted more than 20 specialist groups ranging from English Nature and the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust to the Port Authority and river users," said Victor. As part of Sterling AE's consultation process members of the community on both sides were asked for their views at a series of public events. "We found that more than 90 per cent of people who visited the events were in favor of the project," said Victor. "This kind of support is a great testament to the people who have embraced renewable power as the future and welcome this exciting, new industry to the region."

Costing more than £100 million, it will have a total output of 90 Megawatts and provide enough power for more than 72,000 homes. Victor said: "The UK is still in the earliest stages of offshore wind energy development but this and the country's other projects will allow us to take a major leap in terms of technological advancement and the next generation of sites will provide even more clean, renewable energy to help power our homes and industry across the UK."

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