Ayrstone AyrMesh(TM) Wi-Fi System Puts an Internet Connection in the Middle of the Nowhere

The Ayrstone AyrMeshâ„¢ Wi-Fi system can be described as "coffee shop Wi-Fi on steroids," says Ayrstone Productivity founder and CEO Bill Moffitt. The AyrMesh hub provides a half-mile of long-range Wi-Fi and up to 2-miles by deploying additional hubs. An inexpensive solution for hospitality properties looking to provide Wi-Fi to guests, the AyrMesh system provides state-of-the-art encryption and security to keep unwanted users off of the Wi-Fi network while providing privacy to multiple users.

Minneapolis, MN, September 25, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Ayrstone Productivity LLC now offers new security options for network owners to provide clients easy and private access to the Ayrstone AyrMesh™ Wi-Fi system. These new security options make providing Internet access at hospitality properties, such as campgrounds, RV parks and marinas, easy-to-do and inexpensive. The AyrMesh system broadcasts long-range Internet a half-mile and up to two miles without stringing or trenching conduit wires and cables.

The new security features allow AyrMesh Hub owners to shut off the encryption feature on the system allowing anyone to access the Wi-Fi network without a password. With the ability to shut-off network encryption, Ayrstone also offers the ability to provide client isolation. Client isolation ensures that each AyrMesh network user only has access to the public Internet and his own computer or Wi-Fi enabled device. More information about the implementation of these security features is detailed at www.ayrstone.com in the Support tab.

The Ayrstone AyrMesh system provides a wireless hotspot many times more powerful than standard Wi-Fi. “Think coffee shop Wi-Fi on steroids,” comments Bill Moffitt, inventor and CEO of Ayrstone Productivity LLC. The easily installed system supplies Internet connections across a section of land or more for multiple computers, smartphones, and Internet-capable devices like an iPod Touch or iPad. In addition to hospitality properties the Ayrstone AyrMesh system is ideal for farms, ranches, and rural homesteads. “The system is as easy to set up as plugging an ethernet cable into a router and logging on to the AyrMesh network,” Moffitt says.

Connect an AyrMesh Hub to a high-speed or broadband Internet connection for up to a half-mile radius of Wi-Fi. To further the range of the Wi-Fi system, install additional AyrMesh Hubs with standard electrical outlets within the range of the central Hub. About the size and weight of a telephone handset, the Hubs install inside or outside with screws or plastic ties. To provide the best range, install each weather-resistant Hub as high as possible on a roof or pole. Purchase the AyrMesh long-range Wi-Fi system at www.ayrstone.com. Cost of the AyrMesh Hub is $279.95.

The owner holds full control of the network anytime from the Internet through access to the AyrMesh portal: www.ayrmesh.com. The AyrMesh portal provides the added convenience of viewing network status from a single computer screen or mobile phone.

The Ayrstone AyrMesh long-range Wi-Fi system is first in a line of open-space products from Ayrstone Productivity LLC, based out of Minneapolis, MN. Find Ayrstone Productivity LLC on the Internet at www.ayrstone.com and on amazon.com.

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Amy Herman