NRHS V-Twin Performance Sets Land Records at BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials Using Dynacycle Oil

Dynacycle Oil Lowers Engine Temperature and Increases Horsepower Under Grueling Conditions at Bonneville Salt Flats.

Jamesburg, NJ, September 14, 2010 --( NRHS V-Twin Performance has once again won the 'Fastest American V-Twin' award with a speed of over 194 mph with their 1650cc Sportster based motorcycle and a new land speed record of 115.8 mph with their 500cc Buell Blast. Both motorcycles competing during the speed trails at Bonneville used Dynacycle Oil, a 20w-50 semi-synthetic motor oil known for lowering engine temperature and increasing horsepower.

NRHS V-Twin Performance, owned by Dan Dunn, is located at 1804 Skyway Drive, Unit B, Longmont, Colorado, 80504. His shop specializes in CNC Headwork, Bore Kits, and “All things Harley and Buell.” In addition, Dan and the NRHS Team have set the record for the “Fastest American V-Twin” at Bubs at Bonneville 6 of the last 8 years.

Dan says he and his race team were “very impressed with how well Dynacycle Oil stood up. After running over 12 passes at RPMs above 7,500 for 2 miles at a time, the bearings and pistons still looked like new. Anytime you can see a gain in horsepower with less heat, especially under the grueling conditions of the Bonneville Salt Flats, we consider that a win-win. Dynacycle Oil did just that for us.”

The Dynacycle Oil Company is a biker owned and operated business established in 2003. Dynacycle Motor Oil is a premium 20w-50 semi-synthetic blend motor oil specifically formulated for all 4 stroke air and water cooled motorcycle and performance engines. It combines the performance advantages of a high quality synthetic formulation with the economical price of petroleum. It provides shear and oxidation stability, superior anti-wear and deposit control for premium lubrication performance and engine protection.

For more information about Dynacycle Oil, please contact us or visit our website at dynacycleoil dot com

For more information about NRHS V-Twin Performance, please visit their website at nrhsperformance dot com

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