Alternative Healing Website Co-Organising Mind Control Courses With Silva Method Malaysia

Founders of alternative healing website, Nazlan Baharudin and Nor Hafidzah Alias, announced today that they are co-organising mind control courses with Silva Method Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur to promote alternative lifestyle in balancing the body, mind and soul.

Seremban, Malaysia, January 04, 2007 --( Nazlan and Hafidzah, both Silva graduates, were once asked to address the audience at a Silva Graduates gathering. "This Silva Method system," said Nazlan, pausing to reflect on his cancer condition, "I would say it is the single most powerful tool that I have used in healing my own body - through the use of my mental faculty. It is beyond logic." Nazlan's testimony on mind control can be viewed at weblog,

In her part of the address, Hafidzah, Nazlan's wife, talked about how they used mental techniques in healing family members, and for their professional career including getting projects for their architectural practice. "Probably the most important and effective technique we now have," she said, "is the mental imagery technique." From the health point of view, she then went on to tell the audience of the need for all of us to take personal responsibility for our health. "It is up to us to use the techniques that all of you who have taken the Silva course to use it regularly, and in fact religiously," she said. She also shared with the audience the one secret to accelerate the effectiveness of any visualisation, "practice once at night, when you are feeling really really sleepy; and once at dawn, when you are about to wake up feeling really really drowsy. These are the best times in a day to be in `Alpha Level'." Hafidzah's testimony on mind control can be viewed at weblog:

During the course, participants will be taught how to apply basic Silva Method techniques. In the case of a patient facing a health situation, they will be taught the application of techniques in Basic II, which they would have learnt in Basic I to help accelerate their rate of healing.

The course will be conducted in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The 2007 schedule for Basic I & II can be viewed at where registration can be done online. Two good news, take advantage of the early bird discounts and receive free gifts from when you indicate in the registration form's `Sponsor's Particulars' that you are recommended by Nor Hafidzah Alias, contact no. 606-7613811. 

Final words from Nazlan,"Our principle is to use ourselves any alternative medicine recommended to us before placing it in our website. We test it on ourselves. If it works for us, there are no guilt conscious on the possibilities of commercialising it, and share knowledge with everyone that this is how we seek to improve our livelihood - through integrative and alternative medicine and lifestyle. And the Silva Method is a great alternative healing product." is a website filled with educational literature, plus prescription and non-prescription options for consumers to better manage their health transition from main stream medicine to alternative medicine and treatment. Founded by Hafidzah and her husband Nazlan, they developed this website in 2006, three years after Nazlan was diagnosed Stage Duke's C Cancer of the rectum at the end of 2003. Topics such as healthy weight loss, natural treatment for anti-aging, pain relief, menopause, diabetes, prevention of cancer, hemorrhoids, erectile dysfunction or men's sexual health, detoxification and acne are being discussed.

The "Clinical Report" section of the website offers clarification on the line of products tested in Human Clinical Trials and proven to be safe and effective. In addition, the site's "Free Gifts" and "More Free Gifts" sections offer opportunity for those who has benefited from using the products to share the health benefits and to explore treatment options for many critical illnesses with their family and friends.

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Their philosophy is to search for the best natural products with a comprehensive and holistic approach to human health and well being, and enhance the human environment for the betterment of our children and future generations.

They search and only offer products that have gone through Human Clinical Trials, proven to be safe and effective, and where they themselves are the consumers of the products before recommending it in their website.

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