Beta Test of the Vizerra Platform Got Started

3DreamTeam Company has announced today that beta test of Vizerra, a software platform for creating and viewing interactive 3D worlds, got started. The testing will be opened for all comers up to the 31st of October – the day when Vizerra Client will be released.

Moscow, Russia, September 15, 2010 --( 3DreamTeam is holding a worldwide competition supported by Nvidia and Microsoft to motivate participants of the beta test. Contest is called “Look for 3D” and consists of three rounds. Winners of each round have to become the first to find 3D Vision items hidden in Vizerra virtual locations. The prizes are 3D Vision glasses, the GeForce 460 and the GeForce GTX 260 provided by Nvidia. Vizerra platform is compatible with 3D Vision system – all projects can be viewed on a 3D monitor using stereo-glasses or a projector.

3DreamTeam has utilized the Vizerra platform to produce twenty 3D environments (most of them listed as UNESCO World heritage sites), more than forty major 3D virtual construction solutions, virtual museum exhibitions and product simulations for clients across Europe, Russia and the USA.

Vizerra 3D locations always have been free of charge to all Internet users. Engineers of 3DreamTeam got a lot of feedback which was used as a basis for improvements. Now Vizerra is presented to its beta testers with serious changes - new client interface and improved graphics quality within the locations. Elements such as water, grass (coming up in October) and sky have become more realistic.

3DreamTeam implements the most progressive solutions from different IT spheres which are used to create Vizerra interactive worlds: real-time rendering and detailed 3D representation of the objects were borrowed from gaming, precision came from CAD systems, ergonomic interface and collaboration tools were borrowed from training systems. Vizerra 3D locations are completely interactive and users with different grounding will be able to use them.

Anastasia Enikeeva