Get Your Kids Back on Track

NorthGlen Chiropractic will host an event to "Get Your Kids BACK on Track." Dr. Dee Ann Nason will check all students for scoliosis at no charge during the week of Sept. 20.

Glendale, CA, September 16, 2010 --( Scoliosis is an unhealthy curve of the spine that can affect the nervous system and harm inner organs. It usually develops between the ages of 12 and 16.

"It's very important to get your children checked regularly," said Dr. Nason. "If scoliosis is left untreated, the spine may need to be braced or fused together, and this can have a major impact on quality of life."

Dr. Nason also invites parents to bring their children’s backpacks in so she can give tips on proper usage.

"Heavy backpacks worn incorrectly are a major cause of spinal misalignment in adolescents," said Dr. Nason. "The pressure and stress on the spine can cause serious problems down the road."

NorthGlen Chiropractic knows the stress parents go through during the back-to-school season too. On Saturday, Sept. 25th, a fundraiser open to the entire public will run from 9 a.m. to12 p.m.

Dr. Nason will provide free services in exchange for a monetary donation. With all proceeds, Dr. Nason will purchase school supplies which will be given to the local Head Start Program. The Head Start Program provides comprehensive services for children and their families in the areas of Social Services, Education, Nutrition, Health and Special Needs. Nutritious, well balanced meals reflecting cultural diversities are served daily. Services provided on the 25th by Dr. Nason include spinal exams and x-rays.

Appointments should be made for both events by calling (818) 247-4766 or emailing

If you are interested in setting up a free scoliosis screening for your child's school or organization, please contact NorthGlen Chiropractic.

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