Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, It’s all Social... Media for Ski Butlers

Ski Butlers ski rental delivery uses social media to instantly get in front of it's guests and partners.

Aspen, CO, September 16, 2010 --(PR.com)-- "It seems like every week there is a new 'hot' social media site to sign up for, and it’s great!" says Ski Butlers Aspen/Telluride president Riley Tippet. "It has been an incredible way for us to get in front of partners we work with and our customers, for free." Tippet, along with owners and employees of Ski Butlers other 8 shops are constantly posting relevant news, info, posing questions and sharing photos and videos via Facebook and Twitter. “It has allowed us to get instant feedback on new ideas, new equipment and our company in general.” Tippet goes on, “It’s also an additional measure of accountability. Since the internet and social media has the ability to reach thousands at an instant we recognize that you can’t afford to ever slack on customer service.” Ski Butlers is a relatively new company, going on 7 years, so they have been able to adapt quickly to the changes in PR and marketing and have begun to really take advantage. “It’s fun,” Tippet says. “It’s great to be part of something new and to be able to share ideas and thoughts instantly within our industry as well as within the communities we all live and work in.”

As the economy and the travel industry begin to slowly recover it is ever more important to reach your customers effectively as well as try to keep costs at a minimum. “Social media has allowed us to do this,” Tippet says with a grin, “it’s a lot of work but the price is right and the results are beginning to become apparent.” Ski Butlers has begun a big push to get more customers and industry partners on board on their sites, they will begin offering promotions, not just to future and past customers, but to local concierge, property managers, hotel staff, etc. “We have a little over 1000 fans on Facebook and we’d like to hit 2000 sometime this upcoming season, it will be beneficial for everyone.”

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Riley Tippet