New Survey Shows Opportunities for Churches in Facebook

Trinity, FL, September 15, 2010 --( A recent survey conducted by OurChurch.Com on the subject of churches and Facebook points to five specific opportunities churches have to improve their use of Facebook and connect better with their members and their community.

With the emergence of social media in the past several years, churches are starting to look at how social media outlets can be used as a tool for their ministry. At the same time as more people get involved with social media, like Facebook, church members are looking for more interaction with churches through those social media.

In August (2010) OurChurch.Com performed an online poll of church-goers covering all denominations of Christianity worldwide focusing on gauging how well people felt churches were using Facebook. When asked why they performed the poll, OurChurch.Com CEO, Paul Steinbrueck, said:

“Prior to the survey most discussion about how churches are using Facebook or should use Facebook was speculative. We wanted to get real data on how churches are actually using Facebook and how church-goers would like to engage with their church on Facebook.”

One of the most convicting results, the poll found that nearly 40% of respondents considered their church’s use of Facebook was poor, while only 10% said their church was doing a good job using Facebook.

The poll did not only gauge the church’s use of Facebook. It aslo asked respondents how churches could improve. The results of the poll pointed to five specific ways churches could improve their use of Facebook. “The data reveals several ways churches can use Facebook to more effectively fulfill their mission. My hope is that church leaders will jump on these opportunities and make Facebook a consistent part of their communications strategy,” says Steinbrueck.

You can find more information about the poll, including an analysis of the five ways churches can improve their use of Facebook, by going to OurChurch.Com’s “Christian Web Trends” blog at

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