ATS Includes Free StageVIEW Software with ATVS-2020; Hot Wire Anemometer System Measures Air Temperature and Velocity

Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc., ATVS-2020™ hot wire anemometer system measures air temperature and air velocity for testing a wide variety of products. The included software, StageVIEW™, automates the scanning process to make analysis more efficient.

Norwood, MA, September 18, 2010 --( The ATVS-2020 hot wire anemometer system is a lightweight, portable, automated air temperature and air velocity scanner. It is suitable for single or multi-point measuring of air temperature and velocity. The system features thin, short sensors for minimal disturbance of airflow fields. A single sensor can be used to measure both air temperature and air velocity, and the 2020 system accommodates up to 32 sensors for precise, multi-point field mapping of test domains. Due to its modular design, users can start with as few as 8 sensor ports then expand to 32 as their needs expand.

The ATVS-2020 can be used with the entire family of sensors from ATS, including their Candlestick Sensor. The Candlestick Sensor measures both air temperature and air velocity to perform thermal analysis and air flow measurement. This single sensor for two applications saves users time and money since the sensor does not need to be moved from one spot to another, increasing the likelihood of damage.

The ATVS-2020 scanner connects to any PC through an RS232 or a USB adaptor for operation. It is controlled by the easy-to-use, included, StageVIEW ™ software. StageVIEW™ both acquires data and generates detailed reports. Measurement periods are limited only by the PC storage capacity, and data can be automatically averaged for fast, research-quality testing results. StageVIEW™ can also automate the testing so that once an experiment is set up and in process, lab personnel do not have to be in attendance.

Air temperature and air velocity measurement applications that the ATVS-2020 can be used for include: thermal analysis on telecommunications or computing electronic enclosures; ATCA boards and chassis; embedded systems; measuring air velocity on scale model aircraft in wind tunnels during development; and for the thermal analysis of medical devices during their product design.

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