International Pet Insurance Company Features Philadelphia Dog Treat Blogger Jennifer Phillips April's Grain Free Dog Treats Recipe

"To Grain or Not to Grain" --1000's of pet owners search for grain free foods for their dogs, pet food blogger, Jen Phillips April shares her latest experiment with Trupanion Pet Health Insurance.

Philadelphia, PA, September 18, 2010 --( Canadian based Trupanion Pet Insurance blog shares guest posts focusing on feel good stories on pets in the news. On September 16, Stacy Kowalchuk, Social Media Manager for Trupanion invited Philadelphia's Premier dog treat blogger to share a grain free dog treat recipe for readers who like to cook for their dogs.

In Jennifer Phillips April's post, “To Grain or Not to Grain,” she explores the rise in dog allergies and the ensuing controversy around grains in your dog's diet.

Why grain free? Studies show that some dogs are having a harder time processing grain. Plus, allergies are on the rise in both animals and people and some pet parents are steering clear of all grain either because their animal has shown a reaction or because they fear one.

Some experts say 10-15% of dogs could be affected with a type of dog allergy, many of them caused by an overexposure to corn or wheat yet an increasing number of people are skipping the grain all together.

In her recipe, Phillips April showed how sweet potatoes and canned salmon could make a tasty “cake” for your dogs. Whether you feed the “cake” on its own for dinner, break it into smaller pieces for a treat or mix it with kibble, it's full of beta carotene and healthy omega 3 fatty acids.

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Jennifer Phillips April