is an Internet Search Engine with a Twist lets internet users know if a website has security issues like adware or spyware.

Reno, NV, January 05, 2007 --( For those internet users tired of stumbling upon websites that force adware and spyware into unprotected systems, there is a new solution. is a new search engine that allows users to report any problems they encounter with websites. Users may also simply rate a website if the wish to do so.

All reports are summarized and displayed in search results. A user can now see how many times a website was reported for having adware, spyware or other problems. They can also see how others have rated the site. A rating of 10 is the best there is while a rating of under 5 may mean that the site is questionable. is indexing over 1000 pages per day from websites that add their URL via a free submission.

Another feature of is the use of thumbnail views of website pages provided by This gives the user a slight idea of what they will see when they visit the site.

Alan Hefner