Telesis Completes Data Conversion on BlueWave Technology’s PipelineClaims for Narragansett Bay Insurance Company

Hartford, CT, September 22, 2010 --( Telesis, LLC, a software automation testing company to the insurance industry, announced that Narragansett Bay Insurance Company (NBIC) successfully converted all its production claims data from its legacy system to its new BlueWave Technology PipelineClaims application using Telesis’s data conversion automation. The data conversion project was part of NBIC’s Project APEX technology modernization initiative, spearheaded by CIO Michael Anselmo.

Headquartered in Rhode Island, NBIC offers specialty insurance products and services to homeowners through a select network of independent agents along the Eastern seaboard. The company embarked on Project APEX in 2009 to modernize in-house legacy systems. In choosing a SaaS (software as a service) platform for APEX, Anselmo explained, “We use leading edge insurance carrier technology to make certain our partners and clients receive the best web-based, self-service portal and agency management integrated insurance processing platform available.” Anselmo chose BlueWave Technology’s PipelineClaims, a paperless, web browser-based technology, to handle its claims processing,

An important step in implementing PipelineClaims was to convert existing NBIC claims production data from a legacy system into the new system. According to industry expert Deb Smallwood of SMA, “To remain competitive, an insurer’s data must be clean, available, usable, and meaningful – meaning, it must be integrated and shared so users can take the right actions and make the right decisions.”

NBIC chose Telesis to build the required production data conversion process because Telesis was already NBIC’s software testing partner. Telesis was able to leverage the automated testing scripts that it developed using its TARS methodology (Telesis Automated Regression Solution) to create an automated conversion process that was built and tested within 4 weeks. Telesis worked with NBIC and BlueWave to modify data extract and script input formats, allowing NBIC to greatly expand its claim information structure in the new system.

Telesis’s TARS automation was able to take the old system data extracts, perform some business logic changes to the data, and then automatically input the reformatted data into the new system, via the BlueWave PipelineClaims front-end screen flow. TARS ensures that all appropriate front-end data edits are passed and that the conversion is clean and accurate. NBIC no longer needs to maintain two different and diverse claims applications, nor does it have to struggle with having data dispersed across various applications. Additionally, Telesis reused the TARS automated test scripts to test and compare the way the application logic performed on various backend databases and measured performance against both the Microsoft SQL and Oracle database implementations of the system.

When Mike Anselmo saw that he would no longer need to maintain two data systems, but could allow the legacy system to sunset, he stated, “Telesis’s data conversion provided the reusability and dependability that we needed. We are more than satisfied with our results.”

According to Dennis Steckler, a consultant from STA Group that advised NBIC on the APEX project, “Data conversion efforts are typically very complex, costly and fraught with data normalization and transformation issues. Many organizations will postpone software application replacement projects because the data conversion efforts are perceived to be worse than keeping an older legacy system. However, as we started working with Telesis in claims testing, we noticed that the way they configured their automation testing tool, that active and closed claim data conversion could be a real possibility. The long story, short, is that they configured a claims data conversion tool that eliminated NBIC’s need to hire temps to manually convert claims, and Telesis converted the claims over a weekend with minimal human intervention!”

After reviewing the results, Alyssa Hostelley, the Vice President of Production Management at BlueWave Technology, wrote to thank Telesis, “We were fortunate to work with you all for the NBIC implementation and hope to work with you on many more in the future!”

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Narragansett Bay Insurance Company, headquartered in Rhode Island, offers specialty insurance services and products to homeowners through an extensive network of independent agents along the Eastern seaboard. Backed by highly rated reinsurers and private equity partners, Narragansett Bay has received an "A, Exceptional" Financial Stability Rating (FSR) from Demotech, Inc., an independent financial analysis and actuarial services firm for property and casualty insurers. To find more information on NBIC, visit or contact Kristin Arias at 401.495.0777 or

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