Great New Service for Refilling Inkjet Cartridges On-line

Now you can save money and hassle by using to refill your printer ink cartridges.

London, United Kingdom, January 08, 2007 --( A new UK service launched this week offers inkjet cartridge refilling on-line, with your own cartridge refilled and returned to you through the post.

Called appropriately, the selling point is simple. Access, select your cartridge and check out the price, register (or pay by cheque) and then mail in your empty cartridge using the Freepost label print out. then refill your own cartridge, test it, and mail it straight back to you. Limited founder John Hammond says that the new service wins on three counts;

“Everyone is concerned about the cost of new inkjet cartridges, but more so the environmental issues of throwing away something only used once. There are also worries over whether any remanufactured or own label cartridge will damage your printer. Our research has shown that if people can have their own cartridge refilled, one which has already worked fine in their own printer, then they are much more comfortable with the whole refilling proposition.”

Going Green is perhaps the most important factor, where the service seeks to refill a cartridge as many times as practical. “We are all being encouraged to recycle and re-use,” says Hammond, “ and this new service is the ideal way to do just that.” The company say that most inkjet cartridges can be refilled between 6 and 15 times, and inkjet reservoirs even more so.

Then there is the actual cost. pricing is under half that of the majority of new cartridges, and approximately one third lower than the High Street refilling stores which have sprung up as a result of high cost of new cartridges. Hammond says, “Often, these stores are not reliable, or convenient - and are expensive. With, you only have to get to your nearest post box.”

Quality is also seen as a major issue, Here maintain that they now have installed the latest equipment available in inkjet cartridge refill technology from around the World, and use the correct ink for the printer concerned. “It’s very big business in places like Brazil, Thailand and China - even the non-green US is currently out performing us on reusing cartridges,” reports Hammond. “They are far more advanced than we are, and Brazil is reported to refill some 80% of all inkjet cartridges. We therefore have a way to go, as at the moment the UK consigns up to 50 million printer, fax, franking and other cartridges to landfill sites each year.” charge £ 1.50 towards the Freepost and return postage, but all quoted cartridge refill prices are inclusive of VAT. “We still beat the other service providers on the key points of value, convenience, quality and the all important environmental issue,” says Hammond. “Our key point of difference is that we refill your own cartridge - you can sign it if you like - and we deliver it straight back to your door.”

For those who remain uncomfortable entering their personal details on-line, offers a simple cheque-with-order service where customers print and complete a mail-in order form off the site.

“All too often, customers buy a cartridge in a hurry – a real distress purchase, as theirs has, or is about to, run out,” Hammond observes. “We recommend having a spare black and colour cartridge from the outset, then you can refill and replace on a rolling basis. No panics, no running out, no damage, no high prices. Just an easy system offering confidence, reassurance and value.”

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