Professional Voices Enhance Visitor Experience, Boost Sales for Web Sites

Aiken, SC, January 06, 2007 --( For decades, virtually all types of media have insisted on using professional announcers and voice over talent for everything from radio commercials, to industrial videos, to telephone hold systems. Now professional voices are coming to web sites.

"Web site visitors are often in too big a hurry to read pages of written copy. If you can hit them instantly with a presentation where a professional voice gets them interested, answers their questions, and gets them excited -- then you can quickly increase sales and audience involvement," said Jeremy Daley.

Daley is a nationally known radio personality and voice over talent who offers a wide variety of voice over services from his site .

"We've found Jeremy's warm, friendly voice -- the same that fascinated listeners on network radio -- works incredibly well to improve visitor experience on web sites," said web designer David Rauschuber. "A professional voice can accentuate the right words and phrases and help create the desired emotion for prospects and customers. Sites are dramatically increasing their conversion rates," Rauschuber said.

Traditionally, media producers would have to go through an advertising or talent agency to find a good voice over talent. But that's no longer the case. Jeremy Daley works directly with clients from his web site where clients can hear samples of his work, read about Daley's broad capabilities, and even order online.

"Not only is it quick and easy to get me working on your project, this direct approach makes turnaround time much faster," Daley said. He even offers a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee sure to calm the nerves of even the most harried client.

Daley's studio includes a digital software-based recording system that not only delivers the highest quality sound, but provides for flexibility. "In the modern digital world, I can quickly record, make edits, then instantly deliver the audio file to the client. For web sites, I can load the sound file onto the client's site," Daley said.

Recently Daley discounted prices to make his professional voice available to a wide variety of budgets. Turnaround can take as little as one hour.

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Jeremy Daley