Motorcoach Council Eligible for $250,000 Pepsi Refresh Project Grant

If awarded the grant, the Motorcoach Council will create a national public awareness campaign to demonstrate the tangible ways in which traveling by motorcoach reduces green house gas emissions and congestion on our nation’s roadways, and reduces the risks associated with climate change. Beginning in October, the public can vote daily for the Council's grant idea at

Denver, CO, September 22, 2010 --( The Motorcoach Council’s recently submitted application for the $250,000 Pepsi "Refresh" project grant was accepted for the voting cycle that begins on October 1, 2010 at

The Pepsi “Refresh” project is a groundbreaking initiative designed to fund good ideas — big and small — that helps refresh the world. Unlike other grants, the public determines the winners of each grant. Pepsi awards $1.3 million per month to people, non-profits and businesses that will have a positive impact on their communities. One thousand “good ideas” per month are presented to the public for voting. The ideas that receive the most votes win.

The Motorcoach Council’s idea to “Get Motorcoachified and Promote Green Travel,” supports the Motorcoach Council’s mission to use effective public relations to educate North Americans and promote public awareness about the availability, selection, usage and benefits of motorcoach transportation.

The Pepsi "Refresh" project is a tremendous opportunity to bring the “Get Motorcoachified” campaign to a national audience and demonstrate in a unique and tangible way how traveling by motorcoach is a friend to the environment, reducing the nation’s dependency on foreign oil, reducing green house gas emissions and the risks associated with climate change, and reducing congestion on our nation’s roadways.

If awarded the Pepsi grant, the Motorcoach Council will use the funds to create a compelling public awareness campaign and public service announcements (PSA) to draw mainstream media attention to the campaign across the United States highlighting the environmental, practical, and economical facts about today’s motorcoach.

“A bus is no longer a bus,” claims Brian Annett, President of the Motorcoach Council. “Today’s motorcoach is a sophisticated vehicle—many are equipped with DVD, LCD screens, Wi-Fi, Direct TV, onboard restrooms and amenities that rival first class air,” added Annett. The campaign is designed to educate the public, improve the infrastructure of our nation’s transportation system, improve the air we breathe and create more green-minded riders—travelers who realize that motorcoaches are the most environmentally friendly way to travel.

The Motorcoach Council is calling on the public to help the non-profit secure the votes necessary to win the $250,000 Pepsi grant that will further their outreach and ensure the development and deployment of the organization's national PR blitz. Beginning October 1st, the Council asks the public to visit and place a new vote each day in October, and encourage others to vote as well. To cast a vote from a mobile phone pick up the code at the web page and text it daily to 73774.

To learn more about the motorcoach industry and useful tips for "green travel," visit

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Heather Horton
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