Audiobubble - An Online Music Store Featuring Indepdendent Artists

Audiobubble recently launched online music store featuring independent musicians.

Derby, United Kingdom, January 07, 2007 --( With music customers becoming ever more disenfranchised with major music label's poor treatment of fans and musicians, there is a growing need for a more open and fair method of music sale. Audiobubble has been built to satisfy this need. By letting users know exactly how much money each party receives they hope to get a better deal for everybody and reduce the monopolisation of the four major labels.

Currently artists recieve an atrocious deal from music companies that by the time producers, recording time, instruments, touring and marketing have been paid for, the artist might as well have not even bothered, and in the worst cases might even be in debt for the release of their album

Audiobubble is a well constructed and easy to navigate website which uses the standard e-commerce standards but with extra information and services such as "Where does my money go?" and top 10 lists of favourite music which make it easy and fun to both document and discover treasured tunes. They also allow customers to hear music in full-length and high-quality previews because they understand that you don't always fall in love with a song first time round.

Musicians interested in signing up have nothing to lose, since Audiobubble only takes fees once music is sold. They shoulder the risk so that artists are free to be creative.

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Tom Chambers