Insight on The Word Debuts, Finishes Strong Among Listeners

Podcast outreach with Wisdom The Principal Thing

Syracuse, NY, January 08, 2007 --( Since September 2, 2006 Insight on The Word Radio has been helping believers and unbelievers focus on proclaiming the Wisdom of God to this hurting generation, providing fresh insights which will challenge one to develop a more intimate relationship with Yahuwah Elohim...and reports of the Ruach HaKodesh actively bringing to pass breakthroughs in marriages, family, employment, delverances, healing and salvation are coming to the ministry office in Syracuse, N.Y.

New challenges await the ministry in 2007.

The Word of God is The Wisdom of God, filled with wisdom and sound principles by which believers in Yeshua HaMaschiach can live a Yahuwah-centered life and, since His Word is alive and active, anyone who choose to study the Word in-depth will continually find practical ways to applying its truths to everyday situations...and all it takes is to change what you know. 

Dr. Derrick Whitt can be heard twice a week on Insight on The Word and Wisdom:  The Principal Thing from Insight on The Word Radio Web site.  He is a pastoral counselor, author and speaker from Syracuse, NY.

Insight on The Word
Derrick Whitt, D.Min.