New Book, How to Make Your Own Free Website, Teaches Anyone to Make Websites at No Cost

This new ebook by Jason Matthews is a guide for anyone to easily make their own website. It covers venues that offer free webhosting with site-building software included and the tips needed to get started. Good for both computer beginners and advanced users who will benefit from extra guidance.

Truckee, CA, September 25, 2010 --( How to Make Your Own Free Website: And Your Free Blog Too is the fourth book by author, Jason Matthews. This recently published guide is designed to help anyone make a free website including hosting at no cost. All of the sites, links, software and programs within the guide are free for the web-designers. The manual claims it will save people time, money and effort while helping them accomplish the goals of establishing an online presence to a worldwide audience.

Among the many venues the guide lists for free options, the most recommended places for websites are and Stated by Matthews, offers greater range of pre-made templates while has easier to use drag and drop editing, more bandwidth plus built-in property tabs for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Among the many venues for blog hosting, the guide recommends both and The opinions expressed by Matthews is that is more professional looking with better statistic monitoring and support forum while is easier to use and allows JavaScript gadgets.

The guide also spends much time dedicated to custom widgets/gadgets, social media, SEO tips and making the most out of a website in general. Example websites built for the instruction of the book are and

The chapters include: Preliminary Questions and Remarks, Website or Blog, What's the Difference?, Deciding on a Domain Name, The List of Free Website Companies, The List of Free Blogging Companies, Building Your Website, Building Your Blog Site, Common Custom Modules/Widgets, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media, Selling With PayPal, PR (Public Relations), Other Things You Can Do, Maintenance, Review List of Highly Recommended Programs and Sites, Organizations to Donate to Once You Can and Cheating With Money.

Matthews has also written novels, The Little Universe and Jim's Life, and the guide, How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks All for Free.

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