Sterling Alternative Energy Group Backs the “Renewable Electricity Promotion Act of 2010”

Houston, TX, September 25, 2010 --( The “Renewable Electricity Promotion Act 2010” would require the U.S. to get 15% of electricity from renewable sources by the year 2021.

Senators Jeff Bingaman (Dem.- N.M.), Sam Brownback (Rep.- Kan.), Byron Dorgan (Dem.- N.D.), Susan Collins (Rep.- Maine), Tom Udall (Dem.- N.M.), and Mark Udall (Dem.- Colo.) introduced a 15% by the year 2021 Renewable Electricity Standard (RES) bill into senate. The standalone "Renewable Electricity Promotion Act 2010" would open the door to move a national RES into law later this year.

"We have recently seen China and other countries doing everything in their power to lead in renewable energy manufacturing, including setting Renewable Electricity Standard targets," said Frank Kennedy, Sterling Alternative Energy Group CEO, in a recent statement. "Whilst as some argue this percentage appears low, especially compared to some individual state targets, it does constitute the beginning of an all state solution heading in the right direction," added Kennedy.

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