Hypno-Freedom's Audio Session "Creating Your Pathway" Helps You to Your Goals

HypnoFreedom creates guided meditation sessions which are easily downloaded from www.hypno-freedom.com. This discusses the benefits of the audio session entitled "Creating Your Pathway."

Hillsboro, OR, January 08, 2007 --(PR.com)-- HypnoFreedom has released a new guided meditation audio session: "Creating Your Pathway. Stress Release Along The Journey To Your Goals." All of Hypno-Freedom's hypnotherapy sessions contain suggested imagery and music which take you on a deep journey through your subconcious mind. Anchoring words and phrases can help you with the types of change that you wish to create in your life.

One of the most stressful things in life is charting a new course and attempting to journey along it. Any time you are working in a new way, or shifting your goals, or reassessing your needs in life, you will be charting new territory and traveling into the unknown. This session is a guided meditation that helps you to find your own direction and keep you secure and confident as you make your way along your set path.

Your pathway, after all, is your chosen course in life and all that it brings. This meditation helps you to make conscious choices and eases your way along the path, helping you to release any stressful tension that may arise. It supports you in dealing with any situation and creating space for yourself and your new goals. This session is perfect for anyone who is starting anything new in life, who wants support and ease, and who wants to create fully with conscious awareness.

Please visit http://www.hypno-freedom.com to experience this audio session and explore other sessions which will help you along your path as well!

Rebecca Sheldon
650 796-2970