Hold the Cheese, Please, New Fiction Tackles Matters of Heart and Faith Without All the Clichés

Tallahassee, Florida. Search Me is a lighthearted romantic novel with serious undertones. It is intended to be an easy read that leaves you thinking about the characters and issues- and wanting more. It will be published by Colossians Press on October 15.

Tallahassee, FL, September 25, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Women of all ages and backgrounds will appreciate Search Me, whose characters face common problems like breakups and betrayals, but remain optimistic about their potential for future happiness.

Emily Johnson thinks she can have it all through sheer willpower, but slowly learns she can't control everything... or maybe anything. Emily struggles with tangible problems plus the nagging feeling that fitting in as a typical college student boils down to betraying her faith. She finds herself at a crossroads and dislikes all her options. The way she finally turns just might surprise you.

Inspired by actual testimonies, Search Me has something every woman can relate to--love and hate, truth and lies, friends and enemies. Petscher claims, "Emily is a girl who just wants to be happy. She makes mistakes, but she's still a good person. You love her, pity her, and sometimes just want to shake her. If you're honest with yourself you'll realize she's just like you and me."

Colossians Press will release Search Me, a novel by Erin Petscher, on October 15. Search Me is for sale at www.colossianspress.com and other channels.

About The Author:
Erin Seligson Petscher grew up in Michigan, where Search Me is set. She has a PhD in Psychology from Florida State University and currently lives in Tallahassee, Florida with her husband, daughter, dog and cat.

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