Map Reduce & Hadoop Scheduling Supported by EnFuzion

Axceleon, a leader in high performance cloud computing solutions for render farms, computational grids and cloud environments announces its new capability to run map reduce tasks.

Huntington Beach, CA, September 26, 2010 --( Axceleon, a leader in high performance cloud computing solutions for render farms, computational grids and cloud environments announced today that’s its EnFuzion product now supports optimized job scheduling on Map Reduce and Hadoop clusters.

MapReduce is a framework for processing extremely large datasets for certain kinds of problems that can be parallelized and typically run on a large number of computers or a cluster. MapReduce can work on unstructured data, a file system for example, or structured data, such as a database. MapReduce allows for distributed processing of the map and reduction operations and can sort a petabyte of data in only a few hours on a large cluster. MapReduce from Google, and Hadoop are used by many companies to provide internet data and sentiment based news search capability, Google, Yahoo and Skygrid for example.

“EnFuzion has always had the capability to manage and control MapReduce and Hadoop clusters and now this is becoming more and more important to our customer base. This technology and capability has always existed in EnFuzion and we have done work recently to optimize the scheduling processes to maximize throughput and minimize response times,” said Mary Keogh CEO of Axceleon.

EnFuzion can drive and manage one million jobs per minute and this performance makes it a good fit for this type of activity where it’s best to keep the tasks small for better response times,” commented Mary Keogh.

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About EnFuzion

Axceleon Inc. is the provider of CloudFuzion and EnFuzion; and EnFuzion3D the high-performance distributed computing solutions for cloud environments, grids and render farms and runs natively on all major OS platforms Windows®, Linux®, Mac OS®, 64/32-bit hardware platforms. Plug-ins built for all major rendering packages. EnFuzion® was first deployed on an SGI/Irix render farm running Alias/Autodesk Maya® with CBS® News in 2000.

EnFuzion is also deployed in power/energy utilities and in financial, bioinformatics, scientific research. telecommunications and engineering applications, where it helps users to get more results faster. EnFuzion was one of the first sizeable deployments of grid computing technology on Wall Street in 1999. To learn more about EnFuzion, and Axceleon, please visit

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