Yuin University Has a Ceremony, Marking the Opening of Its Law Library to the General Public

Yuin University wants to bring life back to traditional law libraries, which have become obsolete and abandoned by attorneys in favor of internet research.

Los Angeles, CA, September 27, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Law libraries are slowly becoming obsolete, as so many people, including attorneys, use the internet for research. Although a lot of older attorneys and academics would argue: there is no substitute for an actual tangible law library; many younger attorneys try to avoid having to venture in to a law library. Herald Tribune, “Time is running short for county’s trove of law books” by Todd Ruger, September 21, 2010.

In response to the current trend and to keep its library in use, Yuin University is opening up its newly expanded and remodeled law library to the general public. “All law students have to learn the fundamentals of legal research, which entails extensive use and knowledge of a traditional law library. However, once the legal research class is over, most new attorneys never again set foot in a law library; preferring to do all of their legal research online,” described Dr. Leigh-Davis, Yuin University law professor and media personality.

California’s Yuin University was established in 1981 and offers numerous undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Recently, Yuin University underwent a makeover and expanded its law library. Last week, an informal ceremony was held at the university, to celebrate the expansion of the law library. Faculty, students, and alumni were in attendance.

Statistics show, mostly all attorneys have access to online legal research systems such as Lexis and Westlaw. However, most members of the general public cannot afford these services, or simply, just do not have access to them. A law library is the only way an average member of the community will be able to conduct legal research or gain legal knowledge. Although law libraries are used less and less, most universities continue the long-established practice of only allowing students, alumni, and a select group of attorneys, access to their law library facilities. Traditionally, this was so members of the general public would not disturb the law students; cause too many books to be in use and unavailable to students; or damage materials. However, now there are few law students in the law libraries, and Dr. Leigh-Davis, a law professor at Yuin University, argues that other precautions can be taken to ensure materials are not damaged.

Yuin University will attempt to accommodate anyone, anywhere, who wishes to use the law library. However, members of the general public must make an appointment. Fortunately, appointments can be made on short notice, and usually there are always appointment times available 9 AM to 3 PM Monday through Thursday. More information on some of Yuin University’s programs can be found on its website.

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