Southern California Pipe Trade Fund Selects ITSRx Pharmacy as Preferred Specialty Pharmacy Provider

Injectable Therapy Services Pharmacy (ITSRx -- is pleased to announce that it has been selected as a California Pipe Trade Fund preferred specialty pharmacy provider. ITSRx provides dispensing, reimbursement assistance and medication therapy management for a wide range of specialty pharmaceuticals. ITSRx is a California-based specialty pharmacy, with New York and Texas satellite pharmacies opening in early 2007.

Glendale, CA, January 09, 2007 --( Injectable Therapy Services Pharmacy (ITSRx) is pleased to announce that it has been selected by Southern California Pipe Trades Fund (SCPTF) to be one of the Fund’s preferred specialty pharmacies.

Specialty pharmaceuticals dispensed by ITSRx are typically prescribed for the treatment of chronic conditions. These include anemia, asthma, cancer, growth hormone deficiency, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis.

According to Segal Company's 2007 Health Plan Cost Trend Survey:  "The 2007 projected trend for specialty drugs, a segment of brand drugs is 19.5 percent, almost eight percentage points above aggregate retail trend.  This is significant because specialty pharmaceuticals account for 17.1 percent of total drug trend."  

With over 400 biotechnology drugs in the pipeline (per PhRMA's 2006 Biotechnology Medicines in Development) and a growth rate of almost 20 percent, specialty medications will continue to be the fastest growing pharmaceutical market segment in the coming years.  SCPTF's selection of ITSRx promotes the safe and cost-effective use of specialty pharmaceuticals for Fund beneficiaries.  

ITSRx provides efficiency, personalized support and clinical expertise for people suffering from these diseases. Services include:

• Toll-free phone/fax access
• Overnight product delivery
• Knowledgeable, courteous pharmacy professionals
• Education, assistance and advice regarding proper drug administration
• Ongoing, treatment oversight and monitoring through ITSRx’ SRx/MTMSM
• Monthly refill notifications
• A well-stocked inventory of specialty pharmaceuticals

“We look forward to providing excellent pharmacy service to Fund members and to their physicians,” said John Tapia, ITSRx president and CEO. “As part of that service, SRx/MTM, ITSRx’ Medication Therapy Management program will help optimize patients’ therapeutic outcomes.”

To initiate therapy, the prescribing physician will FAX a referral form to ITSRx. Following prescription authorization by the Fund, ITSRx will overnight medication to the physician’s office or to the patient’s home, as instructed. Included will be information about the disease state, instruction regarding proper storage, preparation and administration, and necessary ancillary supplies. When indicated, medication will be shipped in temperature-controlled packaging. 

About ITSRx Pharmacy

ITSRx is an experienced specialty pharmacy with a proven record of high quality customer service and satisfaction. ITSRx specializes in providing injectable medications to those suffering from chronic illnesses, serving patients, physicians and payers located throughout the United States.  ITSRx’ commitment to helping payers and patients manage their complex, high-cost healthcare needs is unmatched in the pharmaceutical marketplace. For more information regarding ITSRx, please call (800) 404-1963 or visit ITSRx on the Web at

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Injectable Therapy Services Pharmacy
Elan Rubinstein, Pharm.D., MPH
Elan Rubinstein serves as Director of Business Development and Contracting for ITSRx