Apliman Technologies Presents Its Mobile Advertising Platform

Apliman Mobile Advertising makes use of the interactive mobile environment to allow mobile operators to generate significant new revenues, advertisers to effectively reach a wide subscriber base, and subscribers to get relevant ads in exchange of discounted communication services.

Beirut, Lebanon, September 29, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Apliman Technologies presents Apliman Mobile Advertising, a rich multi-channel platform that overcomes the challenges of mobile advertising, integrates with the existing network and 3rd party systems, and offers a quick path for mobile operators to monetize their network assets, and for advertisers to reach a wider subscriber base.

Utilizing SMS, USSD, IVR, Web, etc, Apliman Mobile Advertising acts as a one central solution, bringing together the operator, the advertiser, and the subscriber. Operators are granted an endless array of mobile advertising applications: Sponsored Call, Sponsored SMS, Sponsored Notifications, Bulk Messaging, Automated Mass Calling, ODP advertising, Web advertising. With the ability to integrate to the operator’s existing platforms, Apliman Mobile Advertising allows operators to utilize their portfolio to offer ad-funded services, such as ad-funded Missed Call Notification, Voice SMS, and Voicemail, that drastically attract subscribers and encourage their service usage in exchange of bonuses.

“By levering both old and new technologies in the mobile environment, mobile advertising is proving to be an exciting and challenging new revenue stream for both operators and media companies. We at Apliman Technologies believe that we can harness our expertise in order to provide exceptional value and creativity in this field,” said Mr. Tarek Itani, Executive Director of Apliman Technologies.

The platform also allows to manage and analyze the effectiveness of campaigns. It reduces the overall time and cost of campaigns, while delivering the right promotion to the right person at the right time.

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