Vampires: Alive and Well in San Francisco. 1320 Publishing Announces the Release of It's New Horror Novel "The Lipstick Killerz" by Author Dez Del Rio

San Francisco, CA, September 30, 2010 --( 1320 Publishing has recently released its first full length horror novel “The Lipstick Killerz” written by first time author and long time San Francisco resident Dez Del Rio.

Inspired by a true story, Dez takes his readers on an incredible journey into the deepest, darkest recesses of the occult underground, and gives us a first hand guided tour through a myriad of subversive countercultures.

In the story, Sophia, a nihilistic teenage girl obsessed with vampirism and the occult falls victim to a bizarre urban legend when she resurrects a little known but powerful historical figure, the infamous Voodoo Queen of San Francisco Mary Ellen Pleasant. From the opium dens and brothels of Barbary Coast era San Francisco, to the Satanic Panic scare of the nineteen eighties, the story spans one hundred years of San Francisco’s eclectic history, as our heroine battles vampires, ghost, gangs and the San Francisco elite in an attempt to right the wrongs done to this remarkable woman.

Mary Ellen Pleasant is worthy of becoming the first American woman to have her own national holiday says author Dez Del Rio. She is a true American pioneer. However, because of her quest for justice, equality for her people, and her spiritual beliefs, she has been cast aside and stricken from the pages of history. My real goal when writing this book was to finally give Mary Ellen Pleasant a voice, a chance to tell her side of the story.

For more information go to Dez Del Rio’s web site

1320 Publishing
David Martinez