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Best-selling authors legacy lives on -Live tele-class to be offered worldwide by daughter of Eyesight Improvement legend Dr. Janet Goodrich.

Conondale, Australia, January 17, 2007 --( The Janet Goodrich Method is offering a very special complimentary Tele-Class audio lesson where you will learn how you can improve your vision without glasses, contacts or laser surgery!

"I found within a week of doing the course that I could read without my glasses - it was a big milestone for me. I went to my optometrist at six monthly intervals and within 12 months my prescription had been reduced by 66%. Now I have weaker glasses but I don't need or use them. I am delighted to go from total dependance on my glasses to being able to tell the difference between the weeds and the grasses from the back of my tractor ... with my own eyes!" G. Newton, QLD

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While listening to the free downloadable tele-class audio lesson you will discover how you can improve your eyesight naturally no matter what condition you have:

- Near-sightedness (myopia)

- Far-sightedness (hyperopia)

- Astigmatism

- Old-Age reading blur (Presbyopia)

- Headaches, Eyestrain & Burning Eyes

The complimentary tele-class lesson is an introduction to the Live Natural Vision Improvement Tele-class series Starting on 21st February 2007. The Tele-class series is available to all people around the globe thanks to Tele-conference technology. In addition all 6 tele-class lessons will be made available as downloadable MP3 audio files for all attendees.

Tele-Class Teacher Carina Goodrich is very excited about the new Vision Improvement teaching format. "No longer are there restrictions for those who want this information! They can now access it from anywhere in the world"

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Brief History of the Janet Goodrich Method
Dr Janet Goodrich Ph.D founded the Janet Goodrich Method after studying Reichian therapy as well as the Bates and Corbett Methods. Janet completed training as a Reichian therapist and obtained her Ph.D. in psychology on vision & character. Over her more than thirty years in this field Janet designed the courses and wrote the books that have helped thousands of people around the world to see clearly. She also trained hundreds of Instructors in her method. Her two books have been printed in more than seven languages around the world and remain popular. They include 'Natural Vision Improvement' and 'Help Your Child to Perfect Eyesight Without Glasses'. Daughter Carina Goodrich worked alongside her mother for many years and since Janet's passing in 1999 Carina has continued with the Janet Goodrich Method to help people free themselves from glasses and contact lenses.

Due to the wonders of modern technology you no longer have to sacrifice the time and money to travel to one of the Internationally acclaimed Janet Goodrich Method Vision Improvement Programs. Never before has live instruction with Carina Goodrich been vailable other than residential courses held in Queensland, Australia. All you need now is your telephone. Tele-Class Series Details: 2006 Natural Vision Improvement Live Tele-Class Series - Six 1 Hour Natural Vision Improvement Lessons - Question & Answer Time - Everything You Need to Know to Start Improving Your Vision Immediately! - 12 Bonuses to aid in your vision improvement

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Press Release - Live Tele-Class Series

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