Nevron Chart for .NET Q3 2006 – Released

Nevron development team - the quality leader in the professional Microsoft based Data Visualization Technology announces the new version release of the powerful Chart for .NET developers. The component delivers rich charting functionality suitable for statistical, presentation, scientific, financial and business charts. With the new version Nevron has further improved this advanced charting component keeping it the upper stratum of Data Visualization Technology for Windows Forms and Web Forms.

South Plainfield, NJ, January 10, 2007 --( “Our goal has always been bringing our products to the ultimate perfection. The work of our development team consists of three elements - to materialize innovative ideas using the .NET technology in its best practices, further grind and improve this “raw material” and finally release a product of exceptional quality. For us this is an ongoing, perpetual process,” said Mr. Ivo Milanov – CTO of Nevron. “Not long ago we have forged some major fundamentals and Nevron Presentation Framework was brought to existence. Now this framework gives us and our users nearly limitless possibilities for extensibility of our components applications. For example we manage to launch new version of Nevron Chart for .NET quarterly and with each version we introduce very attractive new features and functionality. Not just a few shiny new bar, pie or candlestick charting types but some at first glance minor, but in fact fundamental technology improvements like Document - View - Controller Architecture and Multithreading Support in Q3 2006, Data Zoom Support and Axis Ticks Calculation improvements in Q2 2006 and so on. Just wait to see the New Axes in Q4, developers will get something really special.”

Briefly the new version of Nevron Chart offers Document - View - Controller Architecture, Support for Multithreading, New Charting Types, New 2D Rendering Device and Background Decorator.

More information on this product is available at

Nevron Chart for .NET is available for free, fully functional and not time limited evaluation download. Nevron Chart is available for purchase from $299 for the Lite Edition, $589 for the Professional Edition and $989 for the Enterprise Edition directly from Nevron or through authorized resellers.

Nevron, based in New Jersey USA, is a leading and innovative company developing component based Data Visualization solutions, providing a full range of products covering the.NET market. Nevron has dedicated its efforts to be a leader in the development of professional components and libraries for the .NET platform and will continue to deliver the ultimate data visualization solution to .NET developers with constant innovation, technology research and professionalism.

Anton Bahchevanov