Electronic Smart Cards Packaged by Innovatier Measure Up to the NCITS 322 Flexure Test

The durability of its embedded electronic components spotlights the reliability of the low-temperature, low-pressure process.

Lakeland, FL, January 10, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Innovatier’s electronic components continued to function during the second segment of the NCITS 322 flexure test. The test, performed by Eclipse Laboratories, is the standard barometer for flexibility.

Innovatier, who proved the strength and durability of its embedding processes during the first part of the NCITS test, has confirmed its methods to be safe on electronic components, as well.

Eclipse analyzed Innovatier’s superior Reaction Injection Embedding® methods of embedding fragile electronic components such as VARTA batteries, circuits, LEDs, and an activation button in a smart card format.

Innovatier distributed over 1,500 powered cards during its attendance at Cartes 2006, November 7-9, in Paris. Cartes is the world’s largest show for the smart card and identification industry. The upcoming worldwide leader in packaging solutions was well-received at the international gala.

Eclipse Laboratories, headquartered in Bloomington, Minn., specializes in testing cards for ISO compliance as well as all card durability tests established by ANSI/INCITS B10. The company analyzes the magnetic stripe, lamination bond strength, surface irregularities, placement and size of various card attributes, flexure properties, abrasion resistance, chemical exposure and temperature extremes are typical tests for evaluation of cards used in a variety of applications.

Innovatier offers superior packaging solutions for active RFID and powered cards. Its Reaction Injection Embedding® technology utilizes an injected molded core that adds durability and provides a secure encapsulation of sensitive electronic components. The company’s simple and scalable manufacturing process is easy and inexpensive compared to more conventional methods. In addition, the process has the capability of realizing any 3-dimensional shape.

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