FatGuideMD.com Reveals Techniques to Prevent Diabetes

FatGuideMD.com reveals diet, exercise and weight management techniques which can help prevent and reverse pre- and type II diabetes during the launch of their new website.

Austin, TX, October 01, 2010 --(PR.com)-- “Adult onset (type II) diabetes is one of the fastest growing diseases in the US, and approximately 40 percent of all adults are currently pre-diabetic. Many are completely unaware of their condition,” says the medial director of FatGuideMD.com. “Fortunately, both pre-diabetes and type II diabetes can be managed and even reversed.”

Three major factors help prevent and reverse pre-and type II diabetes, according to leading alternative health information web site, FatGuideMD.com. The first factor, weight management, is critical in preventing diabetes. Weight loss improves odds by 58 percent, which is nearly double the effectiveness of oral medications.

The last two factors, dietary changes and exercise, go hand-in-hand to help manage weight to win the fight against diabetes. Dietary changes will include complete elimination of all refined sugars and sugar products, carbohydrate control and many supplements. Exercise actually mimics the proper function of insulin in muscle cells.

In addition to providing content related to diabetes, FatGuideMD.com provides its members with a variety of current feature articles as well as other health and wellness information and news for members and the general public. Frequently updated features available without a password include health and beauty, nutrition and supplements, stress management, and exercise advice, all with a non-traditional focus intended to complement mainstream beliefs and practices.

For example, “Health Conditions A-Z” (http://members.fatguidemd.com/conditions) contains self-care methods for preventing and relieving symptoms of many of the most common health conditions. Of course, the information provided at FatGuideMD.com is intended for users’ general knowledge only, and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions.

After years of experience in the alternative health industry, FatGuideMD’s founders realized that consumers want more than a quick, temporary fix from a pill or crash diet. FatGuideMD has quickly become the fastest-growing members-only self-care website, where consumers can receive support for their healthy lifestyle goals while learning about health and wellness in an online environment uninfluenced by pharmaceutical advertising.

Alice Henry