How’s Follow-Up® System Helps Insurance Agents Make More Money with Insurance Leads

North Hollywood, CA, January 10, 2007 --( The key to success using Internet insurance leads rests with the follow-up. The feedback from the agents with best conversion ratios on internet insurance leads shows that it often takes up to 5 attempts to contact a prospect, before you succeed. So, if your first attempt to call or email has failed, and you do not have a well developed follow-up system, you are loosing a great deal of potential sales. Not everyone has time and resources to do a proper follow-up and therefore, be most successful.

With more and more consumers turning to the Internet to shop for insurance, more and more agents are using the Web to reach consumers. Insurance marketing services like and can match you up with consumers who are already shopping for insurance from websites like, giving you all the information needed to close the sale. Leads are sent in real-time, enabling you to contact leads sooner rather than later. Prescreened, targeted insurance leads increase your closing ratio, plus give you the flexibility to increase or lower your lead volume based on sales.

To further increase the closing ratio of insurance agents, has introduced a revolutionary technology to make follow up process simple and effective. This proprietary software is available only to active agents on the National Agents Network. The system will email up to five standard or customized, consecutive messages designed to compel prospects to contact the agent. So when an insurance agent calls the prospect, prospect is already familiar with the insurance agent’s name and the phone number. In many instances consumers call the agent even before the agent gets to call them. gives insurance agents flexibility to create and customize follow up e-mails that will be sent as reminders to act on buying the insurance policy if the prospect did not purchase the policy right away. Different follow up messages can be set up to be e-mailed on the second, third, and later days after consumer has requested an insurance quote. This break through technology has helped many agents increase their closing ratio and provide a better experience to insurance consumers.

Finding eligible prospects often presents one of the most difficult challenges for insurance agents. Once you've set up shop and sold policies to your friends and family, it's often hard to know where to go from there. It is possible to generate leads effectively and keep a steady flow of prospects coming through your door. With the rising competition in the insurance industry, it's important that insurance agents remain persistent and dedicated to success.

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