Deepak Kumar Pareek Kite Flying Concert, New York City, January 13, 2007 at 7:00 p.m.

Harrice Miller Entertainment, the leading management company representing South Asian artists, presents Deepak Kumar Pareek singing romantic ghazals, devotional bhajans, old Bollywood film songs and Rajasthani folk music. The concert celebrates the Indian festival of Makar Sankranti. Deepak will be accompanied by tabla, naal, flute, and guitar. Actress Sandi Higgins will read English translations. The concert takes place at the ARCH, 66 West 39th Street, 3rd Floor, January 13, 2007 at 7:00pm.

New York, NY, January 10, 2007 --( Deepak Kumar Pareek, acclaimed Indian singer, composer and guitarist, makes his first appearance at The ARCH on one of the most auspicious dates of the solar calendar—Makar Sankranti—January 13, 2007 at 7:00pm. The ARCH is renowned for its outstanding multicultural arts programs and presenting the highest caliber of performing artists.

Deepak will celebrate the Makar Sankranti holiday by performing romantic ghazals, devotional bhajans, classic film songs and Rajasthani folk music that exalt the spirit and soothe the soul. He is without doubt the most exciting singer that has come out of India for many years. His voice is extraordinary with great range, subtlety and clarity. Deepak studied with eminent masters in India from whom he learned the perfection of sound and rhythm.

Deepak has been thrilling audiences since he was five years old. He is best known for singing ancient Indian love poetry set to his own musical compositions. Classical ragas are the basis for his romantic songs which are filled with deep emotions and infinite spirit. Deepak believes that music is the highest form of meditation and yoga.

Deepak’s movie star looks and regal bearing transport his audiences to the ancient and spiritual land of Mother India. His natural charisma and serene allure, combined with his glorious voice and supreme musicality, guarantee a memorable experience for each listener. In the past few months Deepak has performed at Christies, Sirius Satellite Radio with Deepak Chopra and for the Foundation of Universal Sacred Music. He is on the faculty of the East-West School of Music at Ananda ashram in Monroe, NY and teaches vocal and instrumental music to students in New York City and Philadelphia.

Deepak has sung on the Voice of America, on Indian National TV (Door Dershan) and on All India Radio. Deepak’s original composition “Moray Avugoon” won the Oceanic Award in the Inspirational Division of the musical competition “In the Name of Salt” in 2006. His CD “Enchanted Evening” will be available for sale at the ARCH.

Like some jazz, some forms of Indian music are improvisational, making each concert a fresh and unique experience. When Deepak sings, he is totally absorbed in his music, creating intricate ornamentations and delightful images. Deepak works in a unique way with his accompanists, leading them according to his nuances. This concert will appeal to both Eastern and Western audiences through its universal language of love and romance. His music crosses all cultural boundaries and touches the deepest part of the soul. Deepak will be accompanied by the talented Shiv Prasad Kotgal on tabla and Rajendra Chauhan playing the naal (folk drum). Shiv Prasad and Rajendra’s lively playing brings audiences to their feet clapping and dancing! A guest appearance will be made by Frank Marotta Jr. on guitar and Sandi Higgins will read English translations.

Makar Sankranti (Capricorn in Transition) is celebrated throughout India with joy and devotion. Colorful kites fill the skies and prayers are made to the Sun God. Festivities include bathing in holy rivers, month-long fairs, exchanging special sweets, bonfires, dancing and happy family get-togethers. A common prayer for this time is: “May you go higher and higher to more and more Light and never to darkness.”

Tickets: $20 general admission
$15 students with ID
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