Endeavor Telecom Experiences Company Wide Expansion Six Months After Recapitalization

Since the completion of recapitalization efforts in March 2010, Endeavor has experienced increased head count across all operations departments and is implementing key initiatives to enhance service levels.

Atlanta, GA, October 06, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Endeavor Telecom is pleased to announce that six months after the successful completion of its recapitalization with Trivest Partners, the company is expanding both its personnel and its facilities in response to explosive revenue growth and in preparation for several new customer relationships which have been won. The recap, which was finalized in March of 2010, allowed an exit for inactive, minority shareholders and put in place a group of investors completely dedicated to aggressive growth and further enhancement of the already superlative level of service Endeavor provides.

A major company initiative after the recapitalization was the bolstering of head count at both the executive and staff levels. In the coming weeks, Endeavor will announce new additions to the executive management team for the roles of Senior Vice President of Operations and Vice President of Finance. Additionally, virtually every department within the company’s operations organization has experienced significant growth to meet the demands of increasing customer installation deployments.

Since March 2010, overall company head count in Atlanta has increased by 44%. Endeavor’s Service Provisioning team, responsible for coordinating field dispatches with customers and technicians has grown by 84%, with its counterpart Service Delivery, who handles the QA of each dispatch once technicians arrive onsite, having increased its count by 45%. Likewise, the company’s Resource Management department, who brings on new technician talent and manages the existing field force, has grown by 75%. Additionally, there has been significant growth in Endeavor’s Software Development Team, which has increased by 50% and the administration/accounting organization which has seen a 20% increase in capacity. Finally, the logistics team, which is responsible for managing the various 3PL duties which Endeavor takes on for its customers, involving the warehousing, configuration, and shipping of CPE to customers, has tripled in size due to an increasing demand for this service in multiple large scale installation deployments.

In addition to increasing headcount, the recapitalization also paved the way for various initiatives designed to enhance the services provided to existing customers. One initiative was the tweaking of the tasking and prioritization algorithm utilized by ESP (Endeavor Service Portal) to determine scheduling priorities within the Service Provisioning group. While this may have proved to be disruptive initially, it will ultimately ensure scalability with the continued growth of Endeavor’s customer base.

Another item that will drastically improve customer service levels is the creation of a Project Management group, which will have an independent reporting structure outside of customer care. Currently, Endeavor’s Account Management team is in charge of customer relationships and serves more of an enhanced customer service role. The creation of a formal Project Management organization will introduce a tiered organizational structure consisting of Senior Project Managers, Project Managers, and Project Coordinators, who will work in conjunction with Account Management to ensure the success of customer engagements and implement key initiatives across the account base utilizing a classical PMI approach instead of merely serving as an escalated level of customer care. This new organization also opens up a potential promotion path for top performing staff members.

The net results of all these efforts are faster turn-around, greater quality, and a more experienced customer interface. For Endeavor’s customers, the primary benefits are faster order processing time, shorter scheduling intervals, and proper prioritization of the most critical orders. Overall, the number of calls required from both customers and technicians to-and-from the TAC will be greatly reduced. Along with reduced handling time, enhanced training and oversight will produce an even greater level of quality both in the field and administrative operations.

“The past six months have been our busiest ever from both the company's activity level and amount of effort spent on preparing the organization for its next phase of growth. After completing the recap, we aggressively pursued a plan that involved enhancing the executive management team, revising our project management organization, updating our tasking and prioritization system, hiring and training additional team members, which will increase the company’s Atlanta staff by 44%, and growing revenue with major new customers in both traditional services and new business lines. While exciting, it hasn't been easy. With growth and change, there are obvious challenges-especially in training new talent and retraining more seasoned staff,” says Justin McLain, the Chief Executive. “With the most disruptive items behind us, we are already starting to see the benefits of our hard work and planning. While the company's financial performance is at a historical high, I am most excited that, in the coming months, our customers will enjoy an unparalleled level of service and that our teams both in the field and TAC will benefit from a system and body of processes aimed at keeping them productive and happy.”

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Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Endeavor is The Telecom Truck Roll Company for carriers, service providers, systems integrators, VARs, and equipment manufacturers. Endeavor's private label wholesale professional services include: Field Services, such as inside wiring & equipment installation; Order Fulfillment Logistics - equipment configuration, staging, testing, and shipping; and Tier I & II operations and technical support. Endeavor's field organization consists of more than 9,000 highly trained and certified technicians throughout North America, including all of the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Caribbean. For additional information, please visit Endeavor Telecom on the web at: http://www.endeavortelecom.com/.

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