Lizard Labs’ Mapping Software Enhances Local Street Views

Ultimate Maps Downloader from Lizard Labs compiles map views from top sources for improved mapping usage

Kocani, Macedonia, October 09, 2010 --( Lizard Labs (, developer of professional system utilities and software for Microsoft, offers individuals the ability to enhance their street views around the world. Ultimate Maps Downloader, the street maps software developed by Lizard Labs, compiles maps and street views from reputable sources for an enhance map image.

Users of Ultimate Maps Downloader can download satellite imagery as well as topographic and road maps from popular mapping sources including Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Bing Maps and OpenStreet Maps. All images are then downloaded as small tiles and can be combined into one big map image for offline use. You can easily add markers, points of interest and search for places and driving routes on your map.

“When it comes to mapping and views of the world, everyone can find it useful,” said Dimce Kuzmanov, lead developer and founder of Lizard Labs. “I wanted to create a mapping software for everyone to use that can benefit their daily lives. Ultimate Maps Downloader does just that for all users.”

Ultimate Maps Downloader is available on the Lizard Labs website in a free trial version, as well as an enhanced paid version. If you find Ultimate Maps Downloader to be incredibly useful and something you often rely on, please register this mapping software for additional product benefits.

Requirements for running the mapping software are a stable Internet connection and the Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 or later.

Users can download Ultimate Maps Downloader, and view the rest of Lizard Labs’ software product offerings, at

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Lizard Labs is a developer and provider of professional system utilities and software for Microsoft Windows. With products such as Ultimate Maps Downloader and Log Parser Lizard, Lizard Labs is enhancing the way individuals and businesses research, organize and securely store business information. For more information on Lizard Labs and their software product offerings, visit

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