ATS Releases fanSINK™ Fan-Ready Heat Sink Solution with maxiGRIP™ Heat Sink Clip for High Performance

Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc has released its latest innovation in thermal management, fanSINK™, a fan ready heat sink with maxiGRIP™ heat sink clip for rugged and high performance applications.

Norwood, MA, October 09, 2010 --( Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc (ATS) has released its latest innovation in thermal management, fanSINK™ a fan ready, active heat sink. The fanSINK™ features a cross cut, straight fin heat sink offering omni-directional air flow for optimum thermal performance independent of the PCB layout. A Stainless steel screw fan attachment ensures dependable long-term fan to heat sink integrity. The active heat sink is aluminum and has been pre-tested with various fans to insure functionality and high performance. Attaching the fanSINK™ to a component is accomplished with the included maxiGRIP™ heat sink clip.

Applications that would require fanSINK™ are generally those where air flow must be directed to a very hot semiconductor in order for it to operate at its fastest, rated specification. Also, if a system chassis hasn’t been optimized for thermal management, an active heat sink, such as fanSINK™, can act as a local air mover, cooling a specific chip that was untouched before. fanSINK™ can also be applied to engineering development to bring air onto prototype boards or chips during bench debug. Rather than taking a small desktop fan and focusing it at an alpha board full of probes, fanSINK™ may be clamped or taped on the target processor to provide cooling of the board during debug.

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Andrea Koss