Voice123 (voice123.com) Increases Customer Experience Ratings

Voice123 surveyed their customers and announced increased ratings in customers’ general experience.

New York, NY, January 12, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Voice123 (http://voice123.com), the largest voice over marketplace where voice over talents promote their voice services and voice talent seekers find the best voices for their projects, recently conducted a survey to measure the satisfaction levels of its customers and get a general rating of their experience as users of their service.

Voice123 (http://voice123.com) provides services for both voiceover actors looking for projects and voice talent seekers in need of professional voices. In both cases, more than 90% of the customers qualified with the two highest ratings their overall experience with Voice123. In terms of customer service, more than 92% of the customers qualified their experience with Voice123’s Customer Relations Team with the highest rating.

Voice123 has been characterized for constantly developing new features, enhancing current features, improving customer services, and monitoring all these efforts to find ways to offer a valuable and useful service to all users. They have created very close relationships with voice talents and voice seekers, allowing them to receive priceless feedback which is the main source of their continuous development.

The results of the positive experience customers are having with Voice123 (http://voice123.com) are a motivating factor the company receives at a time when they are very close to release the new version of their website. “It is a big challenge for us to not only to maintain but to increase the positive experience we are providing to our users, especially now that the new Voice123 is soon to be launched and we expect it to be a lot better,” said Alex Torrenegra, Leader and Co-founder of Voice123.

About Voice123

Voice123 (http://voice123.com) is an online voice over marketplace based in New York. With the largest online voice over talent database and a vast number of daily voice over project postings, Voice123 helps voice over talents to promote their voice services, and companies to find the best voice over for their projects. With a young, highly qualified, and technology-oriented team, Voice123 is always looking to provide an innovative service and be a world-class technology company.

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Franz Martin