Cairn Terrier Rescue Group Wins $10,000 in Shelter+ Challenge

Seattle, WA, October 09, 2010 --( Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network-GL, a canine rescue group devoted to saving the “Toto” dogs from shelters, was the latest Grand Prize winner of The Animal Rescue Site’s $100,000 Shelter+ Challenge with

Since 2008, The Animal Rescue Site’s Challenges have let visitors to the GreaterGood Network website decide where $500,000 in grants will be given. More than 160 animal rescue groups and shelters have benefited from this program.

“While the Challenge grants are not all that we do, they are certainly one of our most popular programs,” said Tim Kunin, CEO of The Animal Rescue Site. “What’s truly been exciting is to see how many small shelters and all-volunteer rescue groups have won over the years. These groups make an enormous difference to the health and happiness of the pets in their communities.”

The All-Star $100,000 Shelter+ Challenge ran from May 17 through August 22. Over the course of fourteen weeks, more than 5.2 million votes were cast at The Animal Rescue Site for rescue groups of all sizes currently active in the Network. In all, seventy-seven grants ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 were awarded to rescue groups and shelters in all 50 states as well as Canada, Mexico, and Costa Rica in this Challenge

The Animal Rescue Site is holding one more $100,000 Shelter+ Challenge in 2010. The $100,000 Holiday Shelter+ Challenge began on September 20. Besides the usual $100,000 in awards, a special additional grant of $10,000 has been added for the organization that receives the most votes over the course of the entire year.

“So many groups try so hard and they have really raised the awareness of animal rescue needs in their communities. We want to honor that with Most Votes in 2010 Award,” added Kunin.

More information about the Challenges and the winners can be found at

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Rosemary Jones