Wee Web Asks Parents to Help Shape the Online Family Experience

Wee Web launches My Wee Web to grow service to meet the needs of parents in an evolving digital world.

New York, NY, October 09, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Wee Web (www.wee-web.com), the social networking site for today’s parents launches My Wee Web, an open invitation to parents asking them to share what is important to them as a parent online today.

Born between 1980 and 2000, Generation Y is the first generation to grow up with the internet. Now turning 30, they are on the brink of becoming parents. They’ve operated in the internet age their entire lives and as parents will have different needs. My Wee Web will ensure that the Wee Web service evolves to do for tomorrow’s parents and families what it does for today’s parents.

“We work to support parents by giving them a safe and relevant way to share their kids lives in the digital world,” says Cory Bronson, Wee Web cofounder. “With the digital climate changing so quickly, though, what works for today’s parent may not work for tomorrow’s. Supporting tomorrow’s parent, though, is just as important to us.

“Wee Web is about enriching the lives of parents, their kids, and their friends and families,” says Jason Olim, Wee Web cofounder. “My Wee Web isn’t about changing what we’re doing it’s about asking parents to join us and help grow what we’re doing.”

To be a part of My Wee Web, visit www.wee-web.com/about1 or send an email to mywee-web@wee-web.com.

About Wee Web:
Wee Web (www.wee-web.com) is the social media site for today’s new parents. It’s a tool that understands parents, supports their needs, and celebrates what makes them parents - their kids. Wee Web is the central and secure place where parents store and organize their kids’ media and chronicle their kids’ development. It’s how parents share their kids’ lives with family and close friends on their own private network and with their larger online communities, wherever they are. In the digital world, Wee Web is how a parent gets to be a parent.

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