Genscape Adds More Refinery and Storage Monitoring

New York, NY, October 11, 2010 --( Genscape, the leading global provider of energy fundamentals information for commodity and financial markets, today announced it has started measuring crude oil storage levels at Midland, Texas and monitoring refineries in the Gulf region.

Using proprietary technology, Genscape will assess the amount of crude oil in storage at Midland and publish the result every Monday morning. Genscape already publishes storage levels at Cushing, Oklahoma and Patoka, Illinois.

Genscape’s twice-weekly Cushing Storage Service, and its real-time pipeline flow estimates have become the de-facto standard for timely and accurate fundamentals data for both physical and financial crude oil traders.

“Our clients have asked us to concentrate on crude oil storage in the west Texas region, and we aim to add more locations to our list of monitored sites in the near future,” said Abudi Zein, Vice President at Genscape. Crude storage at Midland and nearby locations provides insight into the market balance of domestic onshore crude oil.

As it expands its storage assessment service, Genscape is also widening the scope of its real-time refinery monitoring. As of today, Genscape is reporting on a dozen refineries in the Gulf area in addition to the ten refineries it now covers in the Midcontinent.

“The Midcontinent refinery service has been popular with clients trying to assess demand for crude oil and supply of petroleum products. The speed with which we can detect production disruption or resumption cannot be matched by traditional reporting services,” Zein said.

Genscape will add more refineries in more regions to its monitored network in the future.

About Genscape:
Genscape is the leading global provider of essential energy information for commodity and financial markets. Utilizing patented technologies and proprietary algorithms, Genscape provides accurate and timely data on capacities, flow, and utilization for all major energy commodities including power, natural gas, oil, coal, and emissions. Genscape also delivers fundamentals-based market intelligence services which market participants rely upon to better understand drivers, risks, and dynamics of regional power and gas markets.

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Karen Sonne