The Humanistic Party Announces its Nomination for the 2008 Presidency

This young African American South Bronx native is setting a tone that will heat up the campaign trail. Make your appointment to interview him while the door is still opened.

Bronx, NY, January 15, 2007 --( The 'Humanistic Party' announces its nomination for the 2008 presidency.

The Humanistic Party is happy to announce that Mr. Lanakila Washington has filed with the FEC to run in the 2008 Presidential election for President of the United States. Mr. Washington has also founded the “Humanistic Party.” He will run under this party as a Write In candidate throughout the country. Mr. Washington was born and raised in the city of New York. He grew up in the South Bronx and he has tested the campaign waters in 2004 when he entered the race for the United States Senate.

As America looks upon the present times, we see that most of our political leaders are not doing the job they promised to fulfill. The high rate of unemployment, gas and oil prices on the constant rise and the war in Iraq still on going moreover, Mr. Washington feels that the current White House administration is still sleeping on an exit plan to bring our troops home safe and alive. According to recent news reports, over 3000 of our American soldiers have lost their lives in Iraq. Mr. Washington feels that this is a war built on false intelligence. 

What causes can be made to ensure a better future for ourselves as well as our youth who must shoulder the future? Who is really looking after securing Social Security, Health Care and the Job Markets? Who is really doing the job? Are they simply collecting a paycheck and selling dreams to the American people?  These are questions that concern President hopeful Washington and he looks forward to solving these questionable problems.

Mr. Washington has his focus on a position where he will be able to make changes and create value for all Americans. He is calling for an end to the War in Iraq with a secured plan to bring the troops home and rebuild Iraq. The young president hopeful has said "We all want better job security, better health care and a secured social security system. We all want the threat of terrorism to no longer be a threat to our country. We want a responsible person in office that will act in a timely manner when natural disasters strike our land and I'm the man for the job."

It is best said when Mr. Washington says, "This is a Free America and it should stay that way.  Let us make this all a reality."  

He made his official announcement and accepted the nomination for President of the United States in May of 2006. The main topic of his speech was on his "State of Emergency Warning System" plan to prevent another New Orleans tragedy and “Operation Exit Plan,” a detailed plan of action for bringing the troops home if the job is not done by 2008.

Mr. Washington is opened for interviews. To request an interview or get updates on the progress of his campaign go to the website listed or send them an email. The links to the Humanistic Party can be found at the official site.

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