DIY Matters Launches Clear Plastic Sheeting - Designed to Prevent Furniture Getting Ruined

Manchester, United Kingdom, November 09, 2010 --( DIY has launched a product designed to help with decorating.

Autumn, with its crisp, cool weather and brilliant foliage, provides endless inspiration for decorating.

Anyone thinking about decorating their home needs to protect their favourite furniture and ornaments from paint and falling debris.

Besides not wanting to live among such detritus, many people are allergic to the dust which decorating can produce.

You can't avoid having to clean up - but you can reduce the amount you have to do.

There are a number of ways to protect your house from dust. But the best way is to completely shield the areas which attract most dust.

Whether on your floors, furniture, windows or in your closet, textiles not only trap dust but they create it as they shed and disintegrate.

But plastic leaves dust no place to hide and is easily cleaned.

Using DIY Matters’ Clear Plastic Sheeting, furniture will be protected from dust, and the polythene sheeting can simply be removed or cleaned.

As well as a dust cover, the sheeting can act as a waterproof membrane in the garden, or as a temporary window cover.

This polythene sheeting is always handy to have around, and is versatile.

Whether protection is need from dust or the elements, clear plastic sheeting will protect just about anything in your home or garden.

DIY Matters offers a range of landscape fabric, weed membrane, garden membrane such as Weed Control Fabric, Driveway Weed Control Fabric and Heavy Duty Weed Control Fabric.

The products are specially designed for growers, allotments and landscape enthusiasts.

DIY Matters was set up as a subsidiary to one of the largest importers of garden fabric in the UK - giving it unique access to some of the world’s most effective landscape fabric.

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