Automated, Triggered Marketing Now Available for All Banks – Not Just the Big Guys

Leading Database Marketing Firm Launches Turn-Key Marketing Solution with 422% Annual ROI

Cleveland, OH, October 13, 2010 --( The word “atom” should no longer be associated with small particles of matter, at least to those in the financial services industry. Metrics Marketing Group, an elite analytics-driven database marketing firm in Ohio, has created a revolutionary marketing solution dubbed “Automated, Triggered-Opportunity Marketing” (ATOM℠) to help financial institutions automatically identify marketing opportunities and deliver timely, relevant messages to their customers. Thus far, the company reports the ATOM solution has an unprecedented average annual ROI of 422 percent.

Traditional responses to financial institutions needing a deep understanding of customer relationships, ability to identify and retain the most profitable customers, and recognizing cross sell opportunities have come in the form of capital-intensive and failure-prone enterprise-wide software products. Automated, triggered marketing has been a popular tactic among the most sophisticated bank marketers for over a decade. Because of the associated costs to build these systems, however, mid-size and smaller banks have been left on the sidelines.

“After 12 years of building custom triggered-marketing systems for large regional and national banks, Metrics Marketing decided to create a 'productionized'' version of ATOM for small to mid-sized banks and credit unions,” explained Todd Thompson, partner at Metrics Marketing Group. “The 'productionized' version of ATOM has pre-developed triggers, arbitration, channel integration and reporting which saves banks both time and money.”

ATOM involves identifying and acting on customer behaviors, known as “triggers,” which are linked to key business outcomes. Trigger events include customer “signal behaviors” like unusually large deposits, large withdrawals, or changes in payment or deposit habits. When a trigger is tripped, ATOM determines if it is predictive of some sort of customer action in the near future. If there is a positive correlation between the trigger and a subsequent customer action, ATOM automatically drives a customer contact to retain and cross-sell customers, and to drive increased balances. ATOM marketing opportunities can be delivered automatically through virtually any customer contact channel including direct mail, email, call centers, branch sales force, and website. The launch of this turn-key marketing solution has successfully been implemented at Old National.

"We anticipate that ATOM and Lead Manager will transform the way we manage customer relationships," said Kathy Schoettlin, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer at Old National Bank. "The ATOM triggers uncover cross-sell and retention opportunities, allowing us to immediately act on these leads and grow our business."

In addition to ATOM, Metrics Marketing has recently introduced Lead Manager, a cost-effective solution for small to mid-sized banks that manages the distribution and results reporting for leads being sent to the field or call center. This Web-based management application collects lead information and instantly distributes it to the appropriate sales personnel, so they can act right away while the lead is still relevant. Lead Manager “bolts-on” to ATOM for seamless lead creation and distribution, but it is also used for non-ATOM leads. It provides one central system to manage all leads across the bank enterprise.

Metrics Marketing has specialized in automated, triggered marketing in the banking industry since it formed in 1998. The company is also renowned as one of the nation’s leading experts in designing automated marketing programs across various verticals, including Retail and Gaming. Metrics Marketing has an impressive track record for creating and building triggered-marketing systems that drive significantly higher profitability and ROI than traditional marketing approaches at some of the largest regional banks including Key Bank, Regions Bank, National City, and PNC.

Financial institutions wanting to learn more about ATOM and Lead Manager, can get a closer look by visiting Metrics Marketing online, or by contacting Todd Thompson at, 440-471-6024.

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