Chiropractic Can Help Whiplash Pain, Says Dr. Brett Van Norman

A high percentage of auto accidents result in whiplash. To avoid short and long term pain, chiropractic care should be administered as soon as possible.

Sammamish, WA, January 13, 2007 --( According to the United States Department of Transportation, over the last decade there was an average of more than 5 million automobile accidents every year, resulting in more than 2 million injuries annually.

Perhaps the most common auto injury is whiplash, which is caused by a sudden movement of the head in any direction. The result is that muscles and ligaments supporting the spine can become strained or torn. Some symptoms include neck pain or stiffness, pain between shoulder blades, blurred vision, fatigue, headache and dizziness, to name a few.

Often times auto accident victims are not aware of the damage caused by whiplash. Symptoms sometimes do not appear immediately. They can take days to appear or may not even surface for years, according to Dr. Brett Van Norman, D.C., an expert chiropractor and owner of Excel Chiropractic. Because of this, Dr. Van Norman urges all accident victims to seek medical care whether they feel immediate pain or not. In some cases early detection of whiplash can significantly decrease long-term consequences. According to Dr. Van Norman, even after whiplash victims settle insurance claims, almost half suffer with symptoms even two years later.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 800,000 people suffer from whiplash every year. Costs related to whiplash total more than $5 billion annually. Today most cases of automobile whiplash are covered by insurance companies.

Often times, medical professionals like chiropractors will offer free consultations to auto injury victims to see if whiplash or any other injuries need proper care. Dr. Van Norman offers a free consultation at his practice, Excel Chiropractic. "That way it makes it easier for victims to see if they need help. Especially with whiplash cases, where many times victims don't even know they are injured. I cant stress the importance of medical care after an accident. It can really reduce long term pain, discomfort, and treatment," said Dr. Van Norman.

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