e-con Systems Launches its 5M Pixel Custom Lens Camera Module

e-con Systems launches its 5M pixel pluggable camera module based on Omnivision’s OV5642 sensor with S-mount lens holder that allows to choose a lens that meets demanding application requirements.

Balwin, MO, October 14, 2010 --(PR.com)-- e-con Systems Inc., a leading Camera solutions company based out of St Louis, USA and Chennai, India has unveiled its 5M pixel camera module named e-CAM50_CU5642_MOD with an S-mount lens holder. This is a small form-factor pluggable camera module based on Omnivision’s OV5642 sensor and mounted with M12P0.5 S-mount lens holder, allowing their customers to choose a lens that meets their demanding application requirements.

e-con, a long time provider of camera solutions for various Application processors under Windows CE/Linux OS, has developed this camera module based on the inputs received from its customers. Unlike camera modules that are used in Notebook/Mobile camera applications, these pluggable camera modules from e-con are mounted with the S-mount lens holder and customers can choose a lens that is optically meeting their application requirements such as Field of View, Depth of Focus, Minimum focal distance, adjustable focal length etc.

“With a wide variety of compatible lenses available from the market, designing with our e-CAM50_CU5642_MOD will be much easier and shall be capable of meeting challenging field requirements,” said Ashok Babu, President of e-con Systems.

The e-CAM50_CU5642_MOD houses Omnivision’s OV5642 CMOS image sensor that can directly be interfaced with various application processors including OMAP35x, PXA3xx, PXA270 etc. These camera modules are supported with Linux and Windows CE drivers for this module. The company has also launched an interface board for connecting this module with OMAP3530 EVM board. There is also a sample application is available with all the major features that a camera application developer would look for.

“OVT is glad to see that e-con has developed a 5MP camera module with S-mount lens holder using OV5642 sensor. Unlike the camera modules developed for mobile/notebook PC applications, this custom lens-mounted camera module is the answer to customers engaged with a lot of demanding applications requiring the flexibility to choose a lens to meet their requirements,” said Robbert Emery, business development manager at OmniVision.

Along with the camera board, e-con provides V4L2 Linux camera drivers with full source code. To get the price for e-CAM50_CU5642_MOD Custom camera board and volume pricing, please get quote by visiting http://www.e-consystems.com/custom_lens_camera_module.asp or write to sales@e-consystems.com. Earlier this year, the company had announced support of a 5MP camera board for the Texas Instruments OMAP EVM board using the same sensor.

About e-con Systems
e-con Systems, acknowledged by Microsoft as Windows Embedded Gold Partner offers services, Hardware Design, Firmware design and Embedded Software development, Board Design, Linux, WinCE/Windows Mobile and VxWorks - Board Support Packages, in various product domains such as Wired/Wireless Networking, Consumer Appliances, Medical and Process Control Applications, Video streaming, Bio-metric security and Surveillance Applications etc with OS focus on Windows Embedded CE/Linux.

With a passion of “Productizing ideas”, e-con realizes the concept of the customers in to final products and so far have developed Video conferencing equipments, Smart phones, Industrial data loggers, Loyalty terminals, Video surveillance equipments, Point of Sale terminals and Reference platforms with Windows CE 6.0/5.0/Linux.

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