A2iA CheckReader™ Reduces Overhead and Costs by Automatically Extracting Key Data from Checks Within an Accounts Receivable Application

Red Eagle Automated Payment Processing (REAPP™) allows businesses to post payments without specialized scanners, providing an alternative to traditional remote deposit or lockbox solutions.

New York, NY, October 15, 2010 --(PR.com)-- A2iA (Artificial Intelligence and Image Analysis), the worldwide leading developer of tools for document analysis and handwritten data extraction, announced today that its comprehensive check-processing toolkit, A2iA CheckReader™, has been integrated into Red Eagle Automated Payment Processing (REAPP™), an accounts receivable solution that provides businesses with an alternative to traditional remote deposit solutions or lockbox services. By automatically locating and extracting key information from checks, A2iA CheckReader’s proprietary advanced image analysis and intelligent recognition engines reduce overhead and operating costs, and speed the transaction process.

Easily integrated into existing AR software, REAPP™ allows users to quickly and easily post payments to customer accounts. Operators may view associated check and remittance images at the same time in order to resolve questions about the payment, as REAPP™ includes the ability to re-route payments to other AR processes, reject payments, and electronically "shred" checks. With its open integration points, REAPP™ allows businesses to post customer payments in a stream-lined process, updating both the existing accounts receivable software, as well as creating the Check 21, or image cash letter, deposit for the financial institution. “Over the past year, we have added a number of enhancements to REAPP™ and worked with banks to test and verify our generation of Check 21 files,” states J. E. Weatherford, President of Red Eagle Consulting. “We’re very pleased with our customers’ success and decision to utilize REAPP™ in more than one department.”

Unlike seemingly similar applications, REAPP™ does not require a specialized check scanner, so users do not need to scan checks separately from other pages that may be included in the payment envelope. By keeping the information together, users post payments to internal accounts receivable systems more quickly and accurately, and maintain tighter controls over the paper checks. With support for multiple bank accounts and multiple accounts receivable processes, REAPP™ significantly reduces the operational costs associated with payment processing and eliminates lock box fees, and gives customers the freedom to change banking relationships as needed.

Red Eagle Consulting recently completed the rollout and expansion of REAPP™ for a large provider of benefit services, which followed an earlier rollout of the software.

About A2iA
A2iA, Artificial Intelligence and Image Analysis (www.a2ia.com), is the worldwide leading developer of handwritten and machine printed text recognition, information extraction and intelligent document classification toolkits. By enhancing solutions from systems integrators and independent software vendors, A2iA allows complex and cursive data from all types of forms, documents and checks, including unstructured handwritten letters, to become part of a structured database, making it searchable and reportable, with the same level of flexibility as printed or digital data. The company’s proprietary OCR, ICR and IWR toolkits do not contain any third-party technology and are available in 23-country versions and 6-languages. Proven to reduce costs and nearly eliminate data-entry and manual document processing, A2iA’s technology has been improving business process automation and providing a visible ROI for nearly 20 years as it enhances forms-processing, transaction-processing, content management, document management, and knowledge management systems worldwide. For more information, visit www.a2ia.com or call +1 917-237-0390 within the Americas, or +33 1 44 42 00 80 within EMEA or Asia.

About Red Eagle Consulting, Inc.
Red Eagle Consulting is a systems integrator and software developer based in Marietta, GA. The company specializes in providing solutions that add efficiency to business processes through automation and data capture. Red Eagle Consulting works with business customers in a variety of industries. For more information call 770-528-8050 or visit the company’s web site at www.RedEagleConsulting.com.


A2iA CheckReader™ is a trademark of A2iA Corporation.
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