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Real Estate Investment Alliance Announces Absolutely Effortless Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investment Alliance Announces Absolutely Effortless Real Estate Investing
Tampa Bay, FL, January 14, 2007 --( The Real Estate Investment Alliance, an investment real estate group based in Florida announces an intriguing new concept in real estate investing - absolutely effortless real estate investing.

"Most of our clients either don't have the time or the inclination to be active real estate investors", says Sunil Sharma, Principal at the Real Estate Investment Alliance.  "They understand the long term wealth building benefits of real estate investment, but don't want to be bothered with being an active landlord."

"With absolutely effortless investing, our clients can purchase property with incentives usually available to bulk purchasers, get assured rental income and have the property managed professionally for them.  Of the hundreds of projects we have worked on, this is one of the best Florida real estate investment opportunities we have come across."

The concept is working.  The Grand Reserve at Kirkman Parke was released in late October 2006 and introduced the absolutely effortless investing concept.  In a little over 3 months, over 250 units have sold and only 25 units remain at the development. 

Why the rapid sellout?  The incentives and hassle free ownership.  Five years of assured rental income, 2 years or mortgage, maintenance and taxes as cashback, full property management, personal investor concierge and 1 year home warranty.  All the investor needs to do is write the check, obtain financing and the rest is taken care of for him.

Rental income is assured for 5 years, so your check arrives in the mail at the start of the month, regardless of whether the unit is rented or the tenant is paying his rent. Unlike new construction and preconstruction investments, the cash flows are predictable and pricing much lower.

$40,000 to $60,000 in Cash Incentives. Two years of mortgage, maintenance and taxes are refunded to you after closing as cash back. This works out to over $40,000 in cash back incentives. In addition, closing costs can be rolled into the loan allowing for a no money down purchase with significant cash back that can be deposited in an interest bearing account.

Full Property Management means Absolutely Effortless Investment, so buyers can own the condo without hassle for 5 years. No landlord maintenance hassles, no rent collections and all property management is taken care of by your personal investment property management concierge.

Low Down Payment. $5000 down is all it takes to own these cash flow positive opportunities.

Minimal Risk, High Potential Reward over the 5 year horizon. Because of the predictability of cash flow and substantial incentives, risk is mitigated compared with traditional real estate purchases. 

Location & Economic Prospects. Florida is projected by the U.S. Census to overtake New York as the third most populous state in the country by 2011.  The census data clearly demonstrates that a migration has begun to the South from the Midwest and Northeast as well as internationally. 

In addition, Baby Boomers are scrambling to buy vacation properties.  The Tampa Bay, Orlando, Daytona Beach triangle is referred to as the Golden Triangle and income growth, job growth and economic growth is robust.

The Tampa Bay Arbors at Branch Creek is the newest absolutely effortless opportunity and is located in a very desirable area and is minutes to amenities, restaurants and entertainment.

"Buying absolutely hassle free investment property from motivated sellers in desirable locations with accelerating population growth, job growth and income growth is the less stressful way to accumulating wealth", says Sharma.
"If you’re still skeptical, and think this information may be too good to be true, and you want to believe this can work for you but think there must be a catch somewhere, we assure you that is not the case."

Additional information can be obtained by contacting the Alliance at 1-800-859-9815 or via email at, or visit them on the web at

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Pooja Gosain, Sales Agent