Green Pest Management

Pest Management professional and owner of Pro-Staff Termite and Pest Control in Orlando Florida, Robert Welch reports that the industry is gradually shifting to offering green products and techniques to minimize the use of pesticides

Orlando, FL, October 16, 2010 --( The use of Cockroach and Ant Baits has long been a core part of the application system utilized at Pro-Staff for nearly 15 years. These baits are extremely effective, have long term residual qualities and are much safer than old school spray services still provided by many companies. In addition to baits there are many organic and botanical based products that allow pest professionals to control insects without using conventional, synthetic pesticides. Mr. Welch stated that many of these products are based on natural defenses that plants and trees use for their protection against insects. Spider brushes to knock down webs and spiders coupled with sticky traps to monitor insect activity are two main means of reducing damage to the environment. Green pest management services from Pro-Staff are the safer alternative. To find more information and to view all of their treatment options visit

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Stacey Boeshko