The Indie Bible Spotlighted in WikiMusicGuide

WikiMusicGuide features the Indie Bible as the Site of the Week. This is the WMG way of recognizing the immense and great contribution of Indie Bible to the music industry especially to the Independent Artists.

Norwalk, CT, January 15, 2007 --( WikiMusicGuide proved once again that it is not just for musicians but for anything related to music as well, by featuring the site of the Indie Bible as Site of the Week at 

The Indie Bible is a directory that provides singers and song writers with a long list of music review channels and sites, independent artist music stations and album/CD merchants to solve their problem of reaching out to their potential audience. The Indie Bible’s 8th Edition has 343 pages of valuable contacts and music-related articles.

David Wimble was the man behind the Indie Bible. He took the idea of creating a substantial source for independent artists when in 1999, he met the same challenge all independent artists undergo - he needed to get exposure for his soon-to-be released album. He found the answer at the internet where radio stations would play his songs, publications would review his album and online music merchants would sell his music.

After recording his band's first album, the band unfortunately broke up. Although heavily in debt, such a failure made him turn his discovery of online help for independent artists into a great work of research, compilation and organization. There wasn't some sort of directory that lists the addresses of all the helpful services available to independent artists at that time. He began searching for resources from Americana to Zydeco in order to create a widespread appeal for the book. His ordered, tidy resource or directory enabled musicians and songwriters to avoid spending the incredible number of hours it took to find the resources in the first place.

The "Indie Contact Bible" was officially released in October 1999 and included all genres of music. It was a very low budget book that was photocopied and had a plain white cover. Even though the book was simple it served its purpose and therefore, its value was recognized by those who bought and loved it.

The Indie Bible has won the "Creative Vision Award" from the Creative Line Magazine and the “Best Independent Music Publication" from the IMMIE (Independent Music) Award. In 2007, it has pledged to give 5% of its income to charities.

For more information on Indie Bible, check them out as our Featured Site of the Week from at


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